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Portugal Travel Guide

A Private Jet Traveler’s Guide to Portugal

Due to its temperate climate and miles of scenic coastline, Portugal is a European destination that’s especially popular in the summertime. However, as temperatures cool and crowds thin, autumn and winter can be ideal seasons to visit. Below, check out our Portugal travel guide for private jet travelers for an introduction to this glittering southern European gem.

Portugal Travel Guide for Private Jet Travelers

Fast Facts About Portugal

For private jet travelers flying to Portugal, here are a few facts. The country is located on the westernmost end of mainland Europe and shares a border with Spain to the north and east. Meanwhile to the west, Portugal is met by the Atlantic Ocean. Overall, Portugal is located almost entirely on the Iberian Peninsula. Also, the nation’s territory includes Madeira and the Azores, though these areas are governed separately.

Portugal was founded in the year 868 and established the first global empire in the 1400s and 1500s. This makes it one of the oldest nations in Europe and the world. Today, Lisbon is both the capital and the largest city of Portugal, and the official national language is Portuguese. However, Mirandese is also spoken regionally. For private jet travelers who visit, know that the currency of Portugal is the Euro.

Where to Go In Portugal

Besides Lisbon, other popular destinations in Portugal include Porto, Lagos, Madeira and Sintra. The Algarve, also known as the Faro District, is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal. It’s beloved for its picturesque fishing villages, sparkling beaches and attractive resorts, which are popular among golfers.

Above all, private jet travelers love Portugal for its scenic beaches, which come with dramatic cliffscapes, a rainbow palette of colors and some of the clearest blue water in the world. The mountainous Azores also offer eye-catching, stunning green-and-blue scenes. The lush mountains contrast against the blue waters stretching as far as the eyes can see. Many still hail the Azores as one of the undiscovered island gems of the world.

Coastal Lisbon is also popular for its ornate and colorful architecture, with most buildings in the city capped by red tile roofs, bisected by the iconic white-and-yellow trams trundling up and down hills throughout.

Getting to Portugal

The main international airport of Portugal is Lisbon Airport (LIS), though each of the major cities in Portugal has an airport of its own as well, enabling private jet travelers to fly directly into their destination or to an airport only a short distance away. There are also eight airports on islands throughout the Azores, as well as two in Madeira.

If Portugal sounds like a dream getaway this season, connect with us to get an on-demand charter quote and you’ll be beach-bound in no time.

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