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Post-Hurricane Season Travel to the Caribbean: What You Should Know

The 2017 hurricane season was especially devastating for the Caribbean Islands: many top resorts sustained significant damage from hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria. Although some islands suffered major damage, nearly 70 percent were not impacted by the hurricanes and are eager to communicate that they’re open for business.

If you were planning on vacationing on any of the islands this winter season, here’s what you need to know:


Know Where Not To Go

The island of Saint Martin was 95% destroyed. According to authorities, it will take years to rebuild. Princesse Julianna airport was destroyed, although it has recently partially opened according to one American Express Travel agent, the airline industry is at a standstill and will be for a long time, and most resorts have cancelled reservations for the season.

The U.S. Virgin Islands were hard hit as well, especially St. John and St. Thomas. Top resorts such as the Ritz Carlton suffered major damage. The chain of the British Virgin Islands, a popular yachting destination were also impacted by the storms. According to Cond© Nast Traveler, one travel expert, who asked to not be named, said that along with Puerto Rico, the USVI and BVI were “just in a standstill” and, during recuperation, she was directing clients to other islands through the end of 2017. Many villas on the BVIs remain closed.

Barbuda suffered devastating damage, and Puerto Rico is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria, with the majority of the island still without electricity or potable water.

Know Where To Go

Despite the damage, there are many Caribbean islands that were unscathed by the storms, and remain idyllic spots for vacationing. Antigua is open for visitors, as well as St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.


In the Bahamas, Nassau was largely untouched, and many high-end resorts are offering specials during the high season. Aruba had no impact from the storm. Vacationers will find pristine beaches, world-class snorkeling and diving, and much more. The three Cayman Islands also are in business, with Grand Cayman offering incredible diving opportunities. St. Lucia was not impacted, as well as Jamaica.


In sum, a vacation to the Caribbean post hurricane season is not only possible, but many islands are unscathed. To find out more about the ultimate destination for your winter trip, be sure to contact your Private Aviation Consultant at 877-550-JETS (5387).

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