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5 tips to keep up to date with crypto news

Cryptocurrency is the electronic existence of money; it can be called digital money. The purpose of this technology is to solve some of the most significant problems associated with traditional banknotes. Cryptocurrency is a method of trading that has high returns as well as the likelihood of high risk. There is no guaranteed money in cryptocurrency trading, but as many people make a living trading cryptocurrency is a very lucrative way to make money, but it may not be for everyone. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up to date with crypto news on what, where and how things are happening. We'd also like to advise a good selection of several crypto-casinos with impeccable reputations at

While it's a fact that we all have news at our fingertips, it's not always obvious what's worth paying attention to. We're going to discuss some of the most important ways to stay abreast of crypto news. Knowing the exact platforms will give us decent information and also keep us informed.

Coin gecko :

Coin gecko is a website that offers cryptocurrency investors to track the popularity of their preferred tokens or coins and activity levels. Coin Gecko provides updated information and the latest cryptocurrency statistics. Coin gecko users can find trading volumes, current market prices and market capitalisation. Coin gecko is particularly useful for comparing the amount of crypto at a time.

Crypto Twitter :

If you're a crypto investor and are on Twitter, you won't miss any crypto news. Out of the entire crypto community, crypto-twitter is the source of news, discussions and thoughts. As such, Twitter is a platform that can keep you updated with announcements about token listings and other events happening in the crypto world.

Onchain metrics and analytics tools :

Using websites like Glass-node and Into the Block, you can find updated data and analytics from the blockchain. Glass-node is the source where you can get statistics, data and comparisons on the number of new crypto reports. In addition, you can also explore data and metrics along the chain for many popular blockchains.

YouTube :

As crypto news is often time-dependent, if you can't watch it live. Youtube is the best source for learning about cryptocurrency discussions to get updates. If you don't know about Good Morning Crypto, it's a full package of the latest news, insights and updates, as well as an interactive Q&A session. Some other well-known youtubers also release regular content for crypto news updates.


Blogs are a great source to keep up with cryptocurrency and financial market trends for free. Through blogs, you can find out daily updates about cryptocurrencies.

Several platforms can also help in providing reliable information about crypto news so that you can be updated. For example, CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, Reddit are websites where you can find relevant queries.
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