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Bombardier Challenger 850

Originating from the CRJ200 Bombardier airliner, the Challenger 850 has been transformed into an executive style jet that is able to provide passengers with the same capabilities as a large aircraft but with the comfort and flexibility of a private jet. As a heavy jet from Bombardier Aerospace, the Challenger 850 is the ideal jet for accommodating large groups.

The Challenger 850’s roomy interior can seat about 16 passengers in the three zone cabin. With 1,625 total cubic feet of volume, the stand-up cabin is almost 50 feet long, over 8 feet wide, and 6.1 feet high. It comes equipped with both a forward and aft lavatory, 202 cubic feet of baggage capacity, and a large galley complete with an oven, refrigerator, and microwave.

Challenger 850

Powered by two GE turbofan engines each providing 8,729 pounds of thrust, the Challenger 850 can travel at .85 Mach and fly as high as 41,000 feet. It can reach an altitude of 37,000 feet in just 32 minutes. Able to travel 2,946nm, the executive jet has long range efficiency and performs similar to a smaller business jet.

The all-glass cockpit showcases the Collins Pro Line 4 avionics package, with dual digital radios and a color weather radar. Computer controlled fly-by-wire increases productivity for pilots while six display screens provide pilots with organized information.

Challenger 850 Cockpit

The performance driven Challenger 850 combines reliability, comfort, and impressive range so that business never has to stop.

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Max Passengers:
3340 nm
Cabin Width:
7.17 feet
Cabin Height:
6.08 feet
Cabin Length:
28.6 feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
106 cubic feet


max takeoff weight
38,850 lbs
landing weight
33,750 lbs
max payload
3,500 lbs
max fuel payload
12,000 lbs
fuel capacity
14,150 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
459 kts
long range cruise airspeed
476 kts

*Specifications are based on manufacturer data and may vary from those of specific aircraft sourced for your flight. See accompanying paragraphs for context of range capabilities.

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