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For the level of performance executive travel demands, private aviation isn't a luxury—it's a tool for efficiency. Magellan Jets' innovative model of private jet services harnesses every productive capability the private aviation marketplace has to offer. Coupled with best-in-class, personable service as well as elevated safety requirements, Magellan Jets' unique offerings are unmatched.

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your way.

Magellan’s legacy of service meets unparalleled access, ultimate flexibility, and pricing transparency. Welcome to the next evolution of the corporate Jet Card.

guaranteed 365-day availability, no blackouts, 10-hour callouts
fully refundable deposits with the lowest number of advanced booking days
fixed hourly rates with a 3-year term price lock
supported by a dedicated guest experience account team
hourly pricing includes fuel, de-icing, and carbon offset options.

JEt cards

Jet card ownership is our aircraft-specific program offering ultimate flexibility, consistency and convenience. Enjoy the same perks as a whole aircraft or fractional owner with as little as a 25-hour investment, hourly rate transparency, and no additional fees or surcharges. Select from four of the industry's most popular aircraft or four category jet cards.

• Choose from 8 card options

• Purchase in 25-hour blocks

• Guaranteed access within 24 hours

• No membership or overage fees


In our category-specific offering, Explorer Membership, enjoy flexibility with guaranteed access to light, mid-size, super-midsize, and heavy cabin aircraft at our posted rates. Use the aircraft as much or as little as you need, as there are no minimum or maximum hours required. With Explorer100 Membership, Members secure a 12-month rate lock and additional amenities by placing a starting balance of $100k on their account.

• Choose from 4 aircraft categories

• Fly at our fixed rates

• Guaranteed access within 48 hours

• Zero blackout days


Your health and safety are our top priorities, which is why our private jet services meticulously select elite providers from the Magellan Jets Preferred Network. As a charter client, you also have access to the same aircraft, Aviation Consultants, and 24/7 live Flight Support teams that serve our members, so you always have an expert just a phone call or click away. 

• Thousands of aircraft available

• 24/7 flight support

• Empty legs available

• Carbon offsets available


With our Aircraft Sales and Management Division, Magellan Jets brings our commitment to safety, transparency, and an amazing customer experience to all aspects of aircraft ownership. Our in-house brokers sit on the same side of the table with you in any aircraft transaction, working to understand your needs, searching for the perfect aircraft, going to market on your behalf, and guiding you through the entire process as a trusted partner.



Please submit the form and a private aviation consultant will be in touch shortly, or call 877-550-5387 for immediate assistance.

Private Jet Services FAQs

The schedule you want is the schedule you get, and you’ll always be on time. There are no blackout dates or peak period surcharges on jet cards and membership flights. Privately owned for 12 years with zero debt. Client funds are never mixed with operating funds. We pride ourselves at being the stewards of client security, privacy, and finances.

Magellan Jets is continuously auditing over 2,000 aircraft and 6,000 crews to the highest industry audit standard in the world. This is dynamic, real-time auditing of each and every flight to ensure safety management system (SMS) compliance, including enhanced coronavirus protocols and ground transportation security briefings. You will know your airplane and pilots in advance, every time.

Whether you’re a Magellan Jet Card Owner or Member, you’ll always have guaranteed access to the safest, highest-quality aircraft and crews, as well as additional benefits and amenities. In general, Jet Card Owners fully customize their jet-specific programs by purchasing 25-hour blocks of flight time and selecting from four of the most popular aircraft (or four non-aircraft-specific access cards). Meanwhile, members have access to four categories of aircraft (light, mid-size, super-midsize, and heavy) and pay as they go at posted hourly rates, with the option to secure a 12-month rate lock and more with Explorer100 Membership. Check out our jet card ownership and membership pages for more details.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Magellan Jets has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols for every aspect of your flight and experience. Read our full updated health and safety guidelines here.

Your health and safety are always a top priority with Magellan Jets. We operate on a higher standard, which is why our expert operations team closely monitors each flight to ensure they adhere to our strict safety and cleanliness standards. Our partners through the Magellan Jets Preferred Network of operators are also required to adhere to enhanced health and sanitation protocols.

Yes. Magellan Jets can fully customize your amenities and experiences to fit your needs. Should you need catering, ground transportation, wi-fi, pet services, and more, our Guest Services team can arrange everything so that it’s perfect for your next journey with us.

Magellan Jets does not own a fleet, but rather, works with a thoroughly vetted group of operators known as the Magellan Jets Preferred Network. MJPN operators are actively monitored and reviewed to ensure adherence to operational and safety excellence. These include making sure they are in good standing with third-party standards organizations such as ARG/US and Wyvern, maintenance of insurance requirements, and a pre-flight review of assigned crew before every leg flown. As a result, Magellan Jets is a financially sound organization, using only exceptionally qualified pilots, which allows us to place the interests of our clients ahead of optimizing fixed assets.

Jet Card

The only Build-a-Card in the industry –
ultimate flexibility and consistency.


Guaranteed fixed rates and availability, while paying as you go.


Access the safest and highest quality aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis.