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Bombardier Learjet 45XR

Bombardier’s Learjet 45XR is the longer-range successor to the Learjet 45, and builds upon that jet’s already-impressive foundation with a series of performance improvements. Produced from 2003 to 2012, the “super-light” 45XR has a heavier takeoff weight, faster cruise speed, and quicker time to climb than its predecessor, not to mention a redesigned cabin providing an even more comfortable flight experience. Capable throughout a variety of missions, Flying Magazine called the 45XR “The Swiss Army knife of jets.” The 45XR is the perfect example of what happens when new, innovative technology is applied to a proven and timeless design: travelers enjoy an enormous leap forward in speed, comfort, and economy. 

LEarjet 45XR Features


While the Learjet 45’s cabin was already optimized for maximum passenger space and comfort, the 45XR underwent a redesign that resulted in even more leg, head, and shoulder room for those on board. The cabin measures 5.1 feet wide, 5 feet high, and 19.8 feet long, for a total cabin volume of 410 cubic feet. The spacious business jet accommodates eight passengers comfortably in two sets of club-four seating arrangements.

Passengers can utilize 15 cubic feet of internal baggage storage, so they can access their luggage while in flight; an additional 50 cubic feet of heated baggage space is featured externally. Folding work tables, a temperature control system, and noise-reduction technology that never lets cabin volume exceed 72 decibels ensure passengers can stay productive and comfortable in the air.


The Learjet 45XR is powered by two AlliedSignal TFE731-20BR turbofan engines, each producing 3,500 lbs. of thrust. The powerful engines help enable the aircraft to reach a high-cruise speed of 515 mph and a range of 1,869 nautical miles when flying with four passengers and NBAA IFR. Additionally, the 45XR has a maximum takeoff weight of 21,500, or 1,000 lbs more than the 45.

Guests can expect shorter takeoff distances in hot conditions and at high altitudes, with faster time-to-climb thanks to an advanced ice-removal system. The aircraft is extremely fuel-efficient, consuming only 213 gallons of fuel per hour. Its 51,000-foot surface ceiling makes it easy to avoid air traffic and poor weather conditions.


The Learjet 45XR’s avionics don’t differ much from those of the 45—the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite comes standard and includes four large ERO Frequency Information Systems. Pilots are provided with advanced GPS with a Universal UNS-1C Flight Management System that includes a 3D approach navigation system. Just as on the Lear 45, there aren’t any restrictions on the lateral and vertical approach guidance systems. Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with a flight management and crew alerting system, which keeps the pilot informed about safety conditions across the aircraft.
Bombardier Learjet 45XR


Max Passengers:
1869 miles
Cabin Width:
5.12 feet
Cabin Height:
5.02 feet
Cabin Length:
19.85 feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
15 cubic feet


External baggage Volume:
50 cubic feet
max takeoff weight
21500 lbs
landing weight
19200 lbs
max payload
1875 lbs
max fuel payload
1544 lbs
fuel capacity
6062 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
448 KTAS
long range cruise airspeed
437 KTAS
service ceiling
51000 ft

*Specifications are based on manufacturer data and may vary from those of specific aircraft sourced for your flight. See accompanying paragraphs for context of range capabilities.

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