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Citation Jet 3/4

The Cessna Citation CJ3 and CJ4 both demonstrate a remarkable combination of power, speed, and flexibility in a light business jet. The Citation line of jets are perfect for business travelers focused on a more economic private aviation solution, providing great performance at lower costs while still maintaining a significant level of comfort.  

Cessna Citation CJ4 exterior

Building upon its predecessor the Citation CJ2, the CJ3, first introduced in 2004, offers an extended cabin, increased wingspan, and enhanced fuel economy. The CJ4, first introduced in 2010, extends the cabin even more, and adds a new wing design, larger and stronger engines, and increased range and payload.  

With their dependable performance and impressive ability to provide seamless travel, the Citation CJ3 and CJ4 are ideal light jets that evoke confidence and supreme reliability. 


Though efficiency and fuel economy are its main draws, the CJ3 boasts a spacious and comfortable cabin that is two feet longer than that of the CJ2 at over 15 feet. It typically carries six passengers in reclining, single executive seats; the first four are in a club-four layout, with the remaining two facing forward in the rear of the cabin. Two folding work tables, multiple 110-volt AC outlets, and relatively low noise levels allow passengers to be productive in the air—and the jet’s fourteen windows and enhanced LED lighting ensure they have a good deal of space, too. 

Cessna Citation CJ4 interior

Cabin space is further improved in the CJ4, which stretches the cabin length 21 inches and utilizes seamless panels, mirrors, and indirect lighting for a design that feels even more open. Improved seats feature flip-up armrests that can be made to hide completely out of sight. There’s also the inclusion of the Rockwell Collins Venue cabin management system, controlling lighting, music, window shades, and the cabin’s two 10.6-inch video monitors.  

The CJ3 features 289 cubic feet of cabin volume, while the CJ4 expands to 311 cubic feet. An external baggage compartment offers 65 cubic feet of storage space.  


The CJ3’s two Williams International/Rolls Royce FJ44-3A engines deliver 2,780 lbs each of thrust, and burn about 149 gallons of fuel per hour, significantly less than the CJ2. Those engines are capable of speeds of up to 479 mph, and can climb to 45,000 feet in just over 27 minutes. The CJ4’s FJ44-4 engines are larger and more powerful, providing 3,400 lbs each of thrust.  Both jets not only climb fast, but are capable of taking off easily from short runways. Cessna used natural laminar flow wings on the CJ3, improving lift-to-drag performance; the wing was further improved upon with the CJ4, increasing fuel capacity and lessening drag.  

The Citation series was also notably designed to take off from short runways. The CJ3 can take off in 3,450 feet, while the CJ4 can take off in just 3,300 feet—meaning more and more airfields with smaller runways become accessible destinations.  

Cessna Citation CJ4 cockpit

The CJ3 has a maximum cruise speed of 415 knots and a long range speed of 351 knots, while the CJ4 improves upon that with a maximum cruise speed of 442 knots and a long-range speed of 376 knots. The CJ4 also improves on range, with a capable distance of 1,920 nautical miles to the CJ3’s 1702 nautical miles.  

Both jets feature the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, featuring displays allowing easy pilot access to graphical weather, approach plans, charts, and more across four LCD screens.  


  • *Photos courtesy Textron Aviation
Cessna Citation CJ4 interior


Max Passengers:
1488 miles
Cabin Width:
4.8 feet
Cabin Height:
4.8 feet
Cabin Length:
15.6 feet
Golf Club Baggages:
Cabin Volume:
286 cubic feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
0 cubic feet


External baggage Volume:
65 cubic feet
max takeoff weight
13870 lbs
landing weight
12750 lbs
max payload
1925 lbs
max fuel payload
775 lbs
4710 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
417 KTAS
long range cruise airspeed
348 KTAS
service ceiling
45000 ft

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