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Cessna Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a long-range business jet capable of handling coast-to-coast trips with style and elegance. Since its introduction at the NBAA exhibition in Las Vegas in 1998, the Citation Sovereign has become a household name to many in the private aviation industry. This mid-size jet possesses a spacious cabin comparable to that of larger aircraft, and boasts enhanced fuel efficiency and extended range. One of Cessna’s most popular models, it was replaced in 2013 with the improved Citation Sovereign Plus.

Citation Sovereign Features


The Citation Sovereign features 620 cubic feet of cabin volume, and can accommodate nine passengers. There is plenty of space for movement and productivity in the cabin, which is over 25 feet long, 5.7 feet high, and 5.6 feet wide. Additionally, included in the cabin is an impressive 135 cubic feet of storage for luggage and golf clubs, nearly doubling the amount of storage space found in most midsize jets. The interior is just as large as the notorious Cessna Citation Latitude, easily fitting nine suitcases or eight golf bags comfortably and conveniently.

With a soft white interior and sleek chestnut wood finishes, the Citation Sovereign is designed for luxury and class. The business jet features universal power outlets to charge your phone or computer while up in the air, video monitors, speakers throughout the cabin, and a stocked galley. The seats are arranged in a double-club setup and can swivel 180 degrees.

The cabin is equipped with a closet big enough to store full-size garment bags and larger luggage. A more efficient LED lighting system has been added, and a double-door bathroom with a mirrored door allows passengers complete privacy and enough space to change clothing comfortably.


Performance-wise, the Citation Sovereign is in a class of its own. The Sovereign can take off from a runway as short as 4,000 feet and land on one as short as 2,620 feet. Due to its premier dual Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines, the aircraft is able to achieve great speeds of up to 512 mph while producing 5,600 lbs of thrust per engine. Trailing link landing gears are also installed on this aircraft, which allow for softer landings and increased stability.

What truly sets this aircraft apart from the rest of the series is its incredible range. The Cessna Citation Sovereign can travel non-stop for 2,884 nautical miles and carry a total of 11,223 lbs. of fuel. This allows the jet to connect the east and west coasts, as well as tackle speedy travel to international destinations.


An upgraded avionics system is featured within the cockpit in the Cessna Citation Sovereign, allowing pilots to operate the aircraft with ease throughout the flight. Cessna designed the cockpit with a Honeywell Primus Epic CDS avionics suite, featuring dual Honeywell FMZ2000 flight management systems, four flat panel displays, dual long range navigation systems, and dual altitude reference systems. The avionics suite was remodeled in a user-friendly manner for pilots to increase safety, comfortability, and stability in flight.


Max Passengers:
2884 miles
Cabin Width:
5.9 feet
Cabin Height:
5.7 feet
Cabin Length:
25.35 feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
35 cubic feet


External baggage Volume:
100 cubic feet
max takeoff weight
30300 lbs
landing weight
27100 lbs
max payload
2650 lbs
max fuel payload
1184 lbs
fuel capacity
11216 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
459 KTAS
long range cruise airspeed
388 KTAS
service ceiling
47000 ft

*Specifications are based on manufacturer data and may vary from those of specific aircraft sourced for your flight. See accompanying paragraphs for context of range capabilities.

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