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Gulfstream GV

When it was introduced in 1996, the Gulfstream GV (or Gulfstream V) was, as Business Jet Traveler calls it, “the first true long-range business jet.” Designed with comfort and productivity in mind, the GV has dominated the heavy business jet category with its extreme reliability and incredible performance levels. It was also technologically advanced, winning the 1997 National Aeronautic Association Collier Trophy for aeronautical achievement. It is a significant upgrade from its predecessors, the GIV and GIV-SP, with newer avionics and engines, a larger wingspan, and a longer cabin—but its extreme range capability is what sets it apart from other jets. The Gulfstream V can handle international legs like New York to Tokyo without any stops along the way.

Gulfstream GV Features


The Gulfstream GV’s luxurious 50-foot-long cabin adds six feet to that of the GIV, and is one of its most admired features. It can accommodate 13 passengers, and can be split into four distinct living areas with a wide range of configurations for working, dining, entertaining, and sleep. The cabin measures 7.3 feet wide and 6.1 feet high, providing passengers more headroom than many other business jets. With an interior volume of 1,669 cubic feet, those on board have ample room to get up and move around the aircraft while up in the air. An external storage compartment can hold up to 226 cubic feet of baggage, or 2,500 lbs., and can be accessed in flight. Additionally, there are small storage compartments underneath each seat, and passengers have access to fold-out work tables and power outlets.

The GV’s cabin includes standard amenities like a full-sized galley, two lavatories (one for passengers and one for crew), and a sink with running water. Passengers enjoy ample natural light from 14 of Gulfstream’s signature oval windows, low noise levels, continually supplied 100-percent-fresh airflow, and a low cabin altitude of 6,000 feet, helping counter the effects of jet lag to deliver passengers relaxed and refreshed to their destinations. This is especially important for an aircraft like the GV, which often tackles trips lasting up to 14 hours.


With its superior range, speed, and stability, the GV is one of the best-performing business jets in its class. The aircraft is powered by new and improved BMW Rolls-Royce BR710A1-10 engines, each offering 14,750 pounds of thrust. These elite engines are reliable powerhouses, also featured on the Boeing 717. They were among the first models on business jets to include FADEC, or Full Authority Digital Engine Control, which controls all functions such as power regulation and fuel consumption via computer. They also help propel the jet to a maximum speed of 488 knots, or around 561 mph—and help it to reach its extreme range of nearly 6,500 nautical miles, making extremely long legs like Denver to Beijing or New Zealand to San Francisco possible.

At sea level, the GV can take off in just 6,110 feet of runway—impressive considering it has a payload of 6,600 lbs. and a maximum takeoff weight of 85,100 lbs. It can climb to 37,000 feet in just 18 minutes, and with a maximum operating altitude of 51,000 feet, pilots are able to avoid air traffic and inclement weather.


The cockpit is equipped with a six-screen Honeywell SPX-8500 suite, and pilots have the benefit of a heads-up display (HUD) that reduces the time they spend looking down at the display screens. An Enhanced Vision System designed by Kollsman/Opgal is also featured to aid in pilot visibility and help the aircraft land in harsh conditions. The suite’s Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) sensor creates a detailed display for pilots when rain or fog obscure the runway.


Max Passengers:
6425 miles
Cabin Width:
7.3 feet
Cabin Height:
6.1 feet
Cabin Length:
50.1 feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
226 cubic feet


External baggage Volume:
0 cubic feet
max takeoff weight
85100 lbs
landing weight
75300 lbs
max payload
6600 lbs
max fuel payload
1500 lbs
fuel capacity
41000 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
488 KTAS
long range cruise airspeed
459 KTAS
service ceiling
51000 ft

*Specifications are based on manufacturer data and may vary from those of specific aircraft sourced for your flight. See accompanying paragraphs for context of range capabilities.

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