Hawker Beechcraft King Air B200

The King Air 200 is a twin engine charter airplane that dominates the turbo prop category. Since the original King Air was introduced this aircraft has made significant improvements in increased capacity and range with the introduction of the T-tail. Additional improvements to the engine power output, cabin size and range have also been made to this aircraft. The King Air 200 has the ability to cruise 1,800 miles at 289 mph while supporting 8 passengers comfortably.


Hawker Beechcraft
Max Passengers:
920 miles
Cabin Width:
4.5 feet
Cabin Height:
4.8 feet
Cabin Length:
16.7 feet
Golf Club Baggages:
Cabin Volume:
303 cubic feet
Internal Baggage Volume:
54 cubic feet


External baggage Volume:
max takeoff weight
12500 lbs
landing weight
12500 lbs
max payload
2180 lbs
max fuel payload
125 lbs
3645 lbs
normal cruise airspeed
283 mph
long range cruise airspeed
226 mph
service ceiling
35000 ft

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