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How Retail Businesses Use Private Aviation

As a retail company, you need to be able to pivot quickly to keep up with consumers and efficiently manage your supply chain. Private aviation has given many retail businesses the flexibility, convenience, and versatility to gain a competitive advantage. Download this informative guide to learn how retail companies use business jets to: Reach every … Continued

How Construction Companies Use Private Aviation

The time-saving and logistical benefits of private aviation have given many construction companies a competitive edge, allowing them to move at the pace and scale the industry demands. Download this informative guide to learn how construction firms use business jets to: Reach more job sites further from commercial aviation hubs Move personnel between projects on … Continued

Why Your Private Jet Provider’s Financial Stability Matters

A great private aviation company serves as an essential partner to help you increase your productivity, your efficiency, and the success of your business—but no two providers are alike. Download this informative guide to help answer some of the biggest questions you should be thinking about when choosing a private aviation provider: Is your provider … Continued

Comparison of Top Private Jet Companies and Programs

Finding a provider that is safe, secure, and a true fit for your personal needs requires a bit of research and due diligence. Download this informative guide to the top private jet companies and programs on the market as we break down: Types of programs available on the market Various factors to consider while comparing … Continued

How to Recession-Proof Your Aviation Portfolio

No matter what side of the “recession is coming / not coming” debate you are on – you can take a handful of actions to recession-proof your aviation portfolio and to make your business more profitable during both a boom and a bust. Specifically, we take a look at why it is counter-productive to cut … Continued

How Safe is Your Aviation Company?

When it comes to safety in private aviation, “Safety is our number one priority!” is something you hear a lot, especially in aviation. You can bet that every operator out there will make this same claim. But are they all the same? How can you ensure that a private aviation operator is walking the walk … Continued

Flight Support and Compliance

Magellan Jets strives to be a different sort of company. We approach every trip from a consultative basis, helping to choose the right aircraft for the mission, identifying challenges and restrictions, and helping our clients through the entire process. Get an inside look at Magellan Jets 24/7 Flight Support Team and Compliance Department behind each … Continued

Emulating Jet Ownership

Those accustomed to private jet travel are looking for more ways to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of owning a specific plane. For executives who travel but do not own a plane, that may mean finding a way to emulate ownership for their personal trips. For those who do own a plane or participate in … Continued

The Value of Supplemental Lift

Supplemental lift is a vital need whether you own an aircraft, have a fraction, or an existing jet membership. Using it wisely can mean the difference of thousands of dollars saved in maintenance, over-use surcharges, deadhead costs and interchange penalties. This informative whitepaper, written by Conklin & de Decker President David Wyndam, explains more and … Continued

De-Mystifying Charter Quotes

With the right knowledge and understanding, it is not difficult to distinguish whether you are working with a top-notch aviation company, or a group of salespeople with absolutely no aviation knowledge. Inside this free white paper we will help you distinguish between the two by asking these 9 important questions! Within This White Paper: We … Continued

Empty Leg Flying Risk vs Reward

The risks involved when booking an empty leg flight segment have varied throughout the years of private aviation. While scheduling an empty leg flight segment can be highly cost-effective, and sometimes as seamless as a traditional charter, it can also come with tremendous headaches and last-minute changes to your scheduled flight. What is an empty … Continued

Conklin & de Decker’s 7 Essential Jet Card Questions

Researching jet cards lately? Looking into what each company has to offer and finding yourself overwhelmed with information? There are several leading companies that offer jet card programs, and like any investment, you want to do your homework before choosing the right one for you. Are there blackout dates? Is there a fuel surcharge? Does … Continued

3 Essential Tips For Holiday Private Jet Travel

This holiday season, the private jet market will see requests increase 30%-60% over the rest of the year. With demand rising and aircraft supply remaining the same, how will you ensure the perfect aircraft to meet your needs is available? Download your complimentary, informative guide on flying private during this busy season to help you … Continued

Chartering an Aircraft

When you book an aircraft for your clients or family, are you positive that the flight meets your safety standards? Do you know of any hidden charges or fees? Learn all you should know before booking your next charter flight inside this free guide! How do I know my charter is safe? What information should … Continued

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