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Oshkosh EAA AirVenture Show

Each year in Oshkosh Wisconsin, the EAA AirVenture hosts the number one airshow in all of the U.S. This year it was held on July 23rd-29th and featured the largest annual gathering for recreational pilots and aviation enthusiasts which is held each summer, offering action, education, entertainment, and everything in between. We are lucky enough to have first hand experience from the air show. Karlyn Leth our Membership Success Manager has been attending Oshkosh Air Show for 10 years, and this year like always, was a wonderful experience.

Karlyn is from Minnesota and has grown up going to the Air Show, her and her family have always been interested in aviation and are even in the process of building an aircraft. Karlyn is ecstaic when July rolls around to held back over to the event, she wanted to get across of what a outstanding opportunity it is. The event is open to the public and anyone interested in aviation or in the field needs to attend. “You can see a Boeing 2707 next to a flying car” there is everything you can possibly think of when it comes to aviation.

Karlyn wakes up to the sound of hundreds of planes overhead and then has days filled of workshops, seminars and exploring. There are courses for pilots, flying training, and a million and one ways to network. You will walk out of this week with a new appreciation for aviation. The show is available to people of every age, there are things for children, men, women and adults all are welcome and all will enjoy.

The event reached an all time record of 600,000 in attendence. There were 19,588 aircraft operations in the 11-day period from July 20-30, which is an average of approximately 134 takeoffs/landings per hour. Karlyn really wanted to get across how much of an experience this is. The take away from this one week is immense. “A ‘perfect’ event may be unattainable, but AirVenture 2018 came about as close as one could imagine with this years show.

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