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Few things are more frustrating than the one-two punch of experiencing an unanticipated delay due to deicing procedures and then experiencing the sticker-shock when the invoice arrives a few days later.


What is it?

It’s in everyone’s best interest to have an aerodynamically clean aircraft, the higher performance aircraft, the more sensitive it is to any kind of snow or ice accumulation. Deicing fluid is called Glycol. It’s a hazardous material that is not good for humans or the environment.

Why is it so expensive?

All airports must have a plan for limiting the deice fluid run-off, designating areas for deicing, or recapturing the deice fluid after its been used. The price per gallon is extremely expensive and even a small aircraft covered in snow and ice may require hundreds of gallons of the fluid.

Why do we have to de-plane for it?

Some aircraft require that environmental systems are shut down during the de-ice process. This prevents the cabin air from being contaminated with glycol fumes or other additives. The Captain will decide that for the comfort and safety of the passengers, they must deplane for the deicing process.

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