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Getting Scammed? Not With Magellan Jets

Recently an article was published Scammed at 40,000 Feet on Bloomberg. The article discusses how some private Jet Companies are scamming their customers, with false advertisements and unorganized billing. Our head of Flight Support at Magellan Jets, Ryan Foss, spoke on the issue at hand.

How to Avoid Private Jet Scams

“With the newly activated DOT Part 295 (went into law Feb 14th, 2019), indirect air carriers such as Magellan Jets, must provide quotes for everything, including in-flight catering and ground transportation, in advance of travel. This is a practice that Magellan Jets has executed since day 1. You have the opportunity to review and say no to a quotation that is outside of your budget; and we understand that private in-flight catering is relatively expensive.

In regard to keeping track, we have a dedicated Operations Analyst who spends her time collecting and organizing invoices and who is really a vendor relations specialist as much as she is an OA. In addition, I take a member of my Flight Support Team off running trips twice a week to sit with our OA and provide insight on invoices that may be in question because they’re the boots on the ground and know the reality of the trip. Upon the completion of a trip, we ask the Direct Air Carriers in our network to send any final invoices within 5 business days. This is for the good of our Customers.

Reacting to Kirill Kim, Co Founder of My Sky, I would agree that prior to DOT Part 295, there were companies who had the ability to be nontransparent. We are excited to finally have this kind of legislation in our industry which, over the past decade, has been saturated with companies providing a watered-down private travel experience.”

The Magellan Jets Difference

It truly is all about solving issues at Magellan Jets. Being the ones to take the travel headaches away and guarantee a perfect purely private solution for the customer. Having an extra pair of eyes on any issue, double checking billing and always being available for the clients needs or wants is what sets Magellan Jets above the rest.

Interested in learning more about the Magellan Jets way? Contact Magellan Jets at 617-328-(JETS) now to speak with a Private Aviation Consultant.

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