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21 Ways to Say “Hello”: The Journey to The Top Destinations in 2016

The Robb Report recently published The Top 21 Destinations for 2016 in which many different cities around the world were captured to explain the wonders they offer to travelers. We thought we’d complement their list by providing you with this short guide on how to say “hello” in each language. Enjoy!

  1. Cape Winelands, South Africa: “Goeie dag!”

Through English is widely spoken in South Africa, the native language in Cape Winelands is Afrikaans. Near the infamous Capetown, visiting Cape Winelands, you will likely need to know how to say “beautiful” as well (“pragtige”)!

  1. Sri Lanka: “?yub?van!” or “Vanakkam!”

With a mesmerizing alphabet (not featured here), Sri Lanka’s official languages are Sinhalese and Tamil.

  1. Bali: “Halo!”

Balanese dance dates back to ancient times. The expressive and unique moves will be a sure attraction for you to check out when you journey here. “Dance” in Balinese: “menari”.

  1. Dolomites, Italy: “Ciao!”

When in Rome, you SHOULD do as the Romans do! Show off your language skills with essential phrases you’ll need to know. The Dolomites might call for “a majestic scene” or “una scena maestoso!”.

  1. Bermuda: “Hello!”

While English is the official language in Bermuda, the atmosphere is totally unique and different from other English speaking destinations. Relax on the clear water beaches while listening to the steel drums in this top 21 destination!

  1. Namibia: “Goeie dag!” or “Hallo!”

In Namibia, natives speak either Afrikaans or German (as it used to be German South West Africa). Namibia has a beautiful desert landscape, so you’ll probably want to remember the phrase, “Ich möchte Wasser!”.

  1. Los Angeles (“City of Angels”): “Hello!”

A diverse melting pot, LA is a capital of the vast US entertainment industry. Needless to say, you will find several different languages being spoken here because of the draw of different cultures and the geographical history of the city.

  1. Douro Valley, Portugal: “Ola!”

In Duoro Valley, Portugese is the national language. Portugal is famous for its wine and the Duoro Valley has a vast wine region. If you plan to hit the vineyards, you might want to know how to say “cheers” or “Saúde”.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco: “‘ahlaan!” or “Salut!”

Morocco is large, and in Marrakech Moroccan Arabic and French are the official languages.

  1. Los Cabos, Mexico: “Hola!”

You probably could have guessed this by its Spanish sounding name, but the official language in Los Cabos is Spanish! Have a fiesta (and then a warm, breezy siesta) when you visit this tropical paradise!

  1. Bodrum, Turkey: “Merhaba!”

Let’s be real, you will need to say more than “merhaba” in Turkey. In Bodrum, just mention the word “döner” and you will not be disappointed. Don’t ask, just eat.

  1. Paris: “Salut!”

In the city of love, you will most likely want to know how to say “kiss”. It’s “baiser”. Happy loving!

  1. Zanzibar: “Hodi!”

Yet another tropical location, Zanzibar’s beautiful beach scenes will have you never wanting to leave. Don’t miss a minute and know exactly how to say exactly where you want to be! In Swahili, “Ocean” = “bahari”.

  1. Puglia, Italy: “Ciao!”

You might recognize Puglia as the heel of Italy’s “boot”. This majestic peninsula is nicknamed the “Florence of the south” for its delicious foods and rich history. You will definitely need to know how to say “more” in Italian when visiting here. “Di più!”.

  1. Kitts: “Hello!”

This tropical island in the West Indies is the perfect travel destination. With ports for cruise ships, and plenty of island space to explore, you will no doubt want to go prepared with the phrase “cruise, please”.

  1. Charleston, South Carolina: “Hello!”

At the hub of southern American history, Charleston is the largest and oldest city in the state. Rich in both history and soil, like many of its bordering states, South Carolina offers the perfect breeding grounds for some of the nation’s largest export crops. Don’t forget to greet everyone with a “Hey, Y’all!”.

  1. Fiji: “Do you speak English?”

An archipelago, the Fiji islands are famous for their ancient history. Pottery helps date the country back to as early as 3500 BC! With such a long history, it’s no wonder so many languages are spoken here. To figure out what your acquaintances are saying, you might want to keep “Do you speak English?” in your repertoire!

  1. Oman: “ahlaan”

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman’s official language is Arabic. You will find several different atmospheres throughout Oman, whether you crave the beach settings, desert camel rides, or magnificent architectural views is up to you!

  1. Bogota, Colombia: “Hola!”

Another Spanish speaking getaway, Colombia has its own slang words that will make you the “farra” hit! Words like “porfa” (short for “por favor”) are common, and span over many dialects. Bogota has so much to offer as one of the hottest travel destinations of 2016!

  1. Montenegro: “Zdravo!”

You won’t want to waste any time getting to the beautiful beaches in Montenegro! You’ll want to say “good morning!” (“Dobro Jutro!”) every day!

  1. Chengdu, China: “Qiao!”

The popular Chinese language, Mandarin, is spoken here. “The Land of Abundance” is known for its majestic mountain views and cityscapes featuring the worlds largest building! You will surely need to know how to say “wow” here (“Wa!”)!

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