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4 Benefits Of Using a Private Jet Company

Researching and booking private travel by yourself can be a daunting task. Without much industry knowledge, the research that goes into it alone is almost enough to scare you away. Thankfully, there are private jet companies who can focus specifically on making your travel process safe and seamless. They may even find you some personalized perks and benefits you didn’t even know were available.
So why should you use a private jet company for your travel needs?


1. Safety Standards
A private jet company checks out the operator and the aircraft to alleviate passenger safety concerns. They are able to obtain safety records and insurance information from aircraft operators for you. This includes history of aircraft, flight history and flight crew details. In the Magellan Jets Preffered Network (MJPN), only the highest rated flight crews and aircraft are selected for our clients in accordance with Wyvern, ARG/US, and the Air Charter Safety Foundation..

2. Aircraft Access
Most companies are not limited to one specific set of aircraft, but have access to numerous different operators, giving them – and you – the widest selection of aircraft worldwide. This access extends globally, as opposed to being limited to one geographical region.

3. Private Aviation Consultants
If you do not know much about the industry, it can be difficult to know whether you are receiving a decent rate, good service and adequate safety. Your experienced consultants are experts in the marketplace and go the extra mile to understand and meet each fliers personal travel needs.

4. Experienced Flight Support Team
A well established company knows the importance of having an experienced Flight Support Department. This department is very important to you. They personalize your itinerary both in the air and on the ground such as meal options on board, transportation to and from your destinations, and even hotel rooms should you require them. Magellan Jets operates above industry standards by using all FAA-Certificated Pilots in our flight support department so each customer is in the best hands on every flight.

Using an experienced private jet company can be the difference between a relaxing and worry-free travel experience, and one where you – the traveler – must concern yourself with all details from start to finish. Leave the hard work to us.


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