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4 Ways Jet-Specific Memberships Elevate Your Private Travel Experience

Choosing the right private travel provider is more than just getting from point A to point B, it is a lifestyle choice. Whether it is for business, personal, or most importantly, family, passengers want to feel like they are in the right hands when getting to their destination. Between maintenance issues and aircraft availability, a trip can quickly be derailed with unexpected changes that can arise. Here are four reasons why Jet-Specific membership, offered exclusively at Magellan Jets, makes private travel safe and seamless.

1. Highest Safety Levels

Safety stands alone as the most important thing when flying private. Jet-Specific Membership goes the extra mile when it comes to assuring safety. Magellan Jets already employs the highest rated and most carefully selected flight crews of the Magellan Jets Preferred Network. Their FAA Certificated pilots assure a higher level of safety than other companies employing customer service reps to guide your flight. A Jet-Specific membership goes a step further and ensures all clients a minimum year of make (2000 or newer) on an airplane so you are flying in the highest quality aircraft with the highest quality staff.

2. Aircraft Consistency and Availability

Whether it be for a full owner or factional owner, there will be many times your aircraft is unable to fly and a lesser aircraft has to be taken. Perhaps the aircraft does not fit your mission, it is down for maintenance, or in use by someone else. Whatever the cause, it can be a major inconvenience when your distance requires a Gulfstream G450 and a long-range plane is not available. With a Jet-Specific membership from Magellan Jets, clients are guaranteed the quality of aircraft they paid for, or better, so they will never be subject to an aircraft that doesn’t fit their needs again.

3. Customizable Memberships

For private travelers, the in-flight experience is almost as important as the destination. With Magellan Jets bespoke membership options, clients can customize their aircraft in ways they never thought possible. If there is a certain meal while traveling, specific memorabilia for an event the passenger will be attending, or entertainment for children needed, customizable membership perks and benefits can add a personal touch to any flight.

4. The Feel of Ownership Without The Hassle

When you own an aircraft in full or fractional shares, it is a challenge to consistently fly on the aircraft you own. That isn’t very comforting considering the mammoth upfront investment involved in purchasing one to go along with the time and money involved in aircraft maintenance, hiring a crew, and much more. At Magellan Jets, consistency in the access to a specific aircraft and customizable membership options make all members feel like owners.

If you are seeking consistency in an inconsistent industry, Magellan Jets is here to help. Learn more about what our Jet-Specific membership programs can do for your travel options.


Magellan Jets is the leader in domestic and international private jet travel offering private and corporate travel memberships and charter flights. With a global network of thousands of pre-qualified aircraft, Magellan Jets is committed to the highest safety standards, personalized experiences and top level customer service.

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