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5 Questions About Private Jets Your Boss Wants You to Ask!

Did your boss ask you to book his/her upcoming travel arrangements? Wondering where to start and who to call for their private jet? Don’t sweat it! Below is a list of 5 important questions to ask before booking a jet! Your boss will be glad you did!
Here are the questions about private jets you’ll want to ask:

How safe is the private jet I am booking?
One thing to know about the crews assigned to jets, these pilots are attached to this specific aircraft only. It is their place of work, and they know the ins and outs of that jet like the back of their hand. Private planes are held to the same safety and maintenance regulations as commercial jets. Many times, they are held to higher standards. Private jet brokers, such as Magellan Jets, require our own set of standards before we will book a plane with an operator. Our 42-point check list provides another layer of due diligence when carefully selecting and approving aircraft and flight crews.
Do you use a third party auditing company?
The industry’s most used services are ARG/US or Wyvern. These parties compile several databases, including FAA, to determine the safety records of the pilots, operator & aircraft. These companies also perform on-site audits on procedures and aircraft logs. Magellan Jets is approved by both third party auditing companies.
What are the International custom procedures on a private jet?
Customs are much more streamlined on international flights when aboard a private jet. At some small private airports the customs staff may choose to not meet your flight. In this case, your flight will be pre-cleared. This results in a seamless transfer from jet to car.
What about catering onboard a private jet?
Many companies send their clients extensive menus in advance to choose their food preference for onboard catering. Choices can range from sushi to pasta and everything in-between. Flights can also be catered by restaurants if discussed in advance with your charter company.
How will you handle any changes to my flight itinerary? Is there a representative available at any hour?
Should a last minute issue arise that requires you to change departure times, or any other change to your itinerary, make sure you can contact someone immediately. Having the opportunity to contact a rep at any time to assist you can help alleviate the burden of an unexpected change. Magellan Jets always has a Flight Support Team Member available 24/7 to take your call!


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