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5 Reasons To Travel Europe By Private Jet

If you’re planning on traveling across the pond this summer, did you know that flying privately could be less expensive?
Yes, you read that right.
Travelers who typically fly first class to their favorite European destinations can benefit from private aviation, especially when making immediate plans. A quick check on can confirm this.

A round trip first-class flight from Boston to London for this weekend is $19,477 on British Airways and American Airways. A round-trip flight from Boston to London on a Gulfstream 4 would cost $150,000. Yes, that’s significantly more, but given that there’s a minimum of 14 people on the private jet, the cost per person goes down to about $10,700 a passenger. That is almost 50% less than flying commercially!
Still not convinced flying privately is the way to go this summer?
From skipping the hassles of security pat-downs to enjoying your favorite entrees onboard, here is why you should consider traveling by private jet this summer.

5 Reasons To Travel Privately To Europe

Access to More Convenient Airports
With access to short field runways, private jets are able to fly into more airports than any commercial plane out there. This means you can land closer to your hotel locations, which will save you lots of time traveling from the airport to your favorite resort.

Health and Safety
When you fly commercially, the airport is a major germ zone. From the seat pockets, tray tables and even the water you drink, you are at a higher risk of contracting a virus from the 200 other international passengers aboard your flight than in your own private jet.
Did you know MRSA could live as long as a week in an airplane? Need we remind you of the Ebola situation last year? Yeah, we didn’t think so…

Private (and Efficient) Wi-Fi
When you fly commercially, the Wi-Fi in the airport and onboard are public networks. By flying privately, you will be on a secured private Wi-Fi network, so the chances of your information being stolen or hacked is slim to none.
Plus, on a private jet you will have fast-working WiFi, and you can actually get work done instead of waiting for your laptop to get a signal the entire flight.

Real Food
Airplane food is mouth-watering delicious… said no flyer ever.
When you fly privately, you get to choose what meals you would like onboard, whether that be a juicy bacon cheeseburger or your favorite roll of sushi. Another perk of eating onboard a private jet… the food is served on real plates with real silverware, and not in cardboard boxe with plastic forks.

No Lines
When you fly privately, there is no such thing as standing in line. You show up to the airport at whatever times you’d like, and don’t even have to worry about standing in line for your boarding pass or TSA checks. The best part is, once you land at your European destination, you will avoid the lengthy customs lines that can take hours to go through!

With all of that said, I think it’s time you book your European summer travels with Magellan Jets.

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