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9 Reasons Why Companies Find Value In Supplemental Lift

According to a study done by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), 98% of Business Week’s best brands are using a business aircraft. The correlation is no coincidence. Top executives have learned that when it comes to your business needs, you have to expect the unexpected. Supplemental lift has become a very popular way of travel for companies as they cannot predict when their aircraft will be down for maintenance or a simultaneous trip will arise. A private jet membership with Magellan Jets will help you stay prepared no matter what comes up offering all the benefits of ownership without the hassle.

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction
Few things will help your brand grow more than a satisfied group of customers. A business aircraft will help you reach your current customers and capture new ones in a way you never thought possible. Imagine if you could reach every customer face-to-face when a problem arises or spend unlimited time with them because you are not subject to commercial restrictions. A private jet membership with Magellan Jets will ensure you are always available to your clients even when your company plane isn’t.
2. Pay Only For The Time You Fly
Unfortunately for most companies, it is impossible to predict how many hours you will need on your aircraft each year which can make signing a long-term contract a scary commitment. When your business needs change as they often do and you need more (or less) hours than you signed up for, supplemental lift will give you the most bang for your buck. No longer will you have to pay for a plane you are not using or buy more hours when you go over your allotted time.
3. Never Miss a Meeting
No matter who you are, if you own a business aircraft, at some point it will be down for maintenance or already in use. When this happens, it is tough for companies to get to their regularly scheduled meetings around the country. With a Magellan Jets membership, you will never have to worry about getting to your clients again.
4. Don’t Pay For More Than You Have To
As your business grows, so will the needs of your customers. Although many companies own their own aircraft, one may not always be enough. Whether it be for a board of directors meeting or an on-site visit that requires employees to meet with different clients around the country, you won’t have to break the bank when more than one aircraft is needed.
5. Upgrade Your Aircraft For a Longer Distance Without Heavy Fees
For global companies, the occasional client need arises that extends past the range of their business aircraft resulting in 2-3 stops along the way. Since not all aircraft can match the long-range capabilities of Magellan Jets newest membership option, the Gulfstream G450, the occasional trip overseas can get pretty expensive. To avoid spending a large amount of money to upgrade your current jet, supplemental lift options offer the long-range plane you need to get to the other side of the world.
6. Upgrade Your Aircraft Capacity Without Heavy Fees
Supplemental lift can be a great tool for providing more, or less, of an airplane than a company needs. When you only need to fly two passengers to meet a client, do you really want to use the company plane that seats up to 14 passengers? Magellan Jets can meet whatever size plane your company needs so you won’t have to waste money on a bigger plane or buy more hours when you run out.
7. Get More Done
In a recent study conducted by the NBAA, 2/3 of passengers said they are more productive in the air than in the office. Days that require travel time on a plane often result in most or part of the workday being lost in the struggles of trying to work on a commercial flight. Crunched in the middle seat with barely enough room for your laptop in front of you doesn’t yield great results. Magellan Jets offers a wide variety of aircraft fully-equipped with guaranteed Wi-Fi, phones, printers, and fax.
8. Cut Your Travel Time in Half
Let’s Face it. Flying commercial rarely tends to be hassle-free. Between long lines, cancellations, and weather concerns, lost time can add up quickly. Without having to arrive hours ahead of time with a corporate jet, your employees can drastically cut their time in the airport down and change plans quickly due to weather concerns. A private jet can also get you closer to your destination because they can land at any of the smaller, local airports instead of only the major airports.
9. Dealing With Repositioning Costs? Supplemental Lift Can Help
When your corporate aircraft is in California, it might be tough to hop on the next flight out of New York City. Companies waste a large amount of money each year having to reposition their planes or cancelling a client meeting because a plane is out of position. When you fly with Magellan Jets, we can have a plane tailored to your needs ready to go within 8 hours so you won’t have to waste time or money again.

Everyday at Magellan Jets, we see first-hand how valuable a supplemental lift can be for companies when their business needs change quickly. Don’t lose valuable time and money when your plane can’t get you where you need to go and explore the advantages of a Magellan Jets membership today.


Magellan Jets is the leader in domestic and international private jet travel offering private and corporate travel memberships and charter flights. With a global network of thousands of pre-qualified aircraft, Magellan Jets is committed to the highest safety standards, personalized experiences and top level customer service.

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