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A Look Inside The Good Life- Interview With Magellan Jets CEO, Joshua Hebert

JOIN THE JET SET By: Improper Bostonian
Joshua Hebert, the CEO and founder of Magellan Jets, is well-versed in flying high. A former Wall Street exec, Hebert now pilots the Quincy-based private jet travel service, which recently unveiled its new Build-A-Card program. “We looked at technology in the automotive industry, specifically Mercedes, and saw how you can customize and build your car online,” Hebert says. “In our business, no one has been able to customize a jet card with an online portal. The only way to do it was to call into the office and negotiate, but in most cases the high-end consumer did not know what options they had.” (To have those problems, right?) On why people fly private: “One reason people use private aviation is to get to numerous airports in one day and back home in time for dinner. Another concern is needing an air ambulance. When someone gets hurt in Aspen or cuts their leg on coral in Fiji, they want to know they have safe transportation to get them to help. We also transport clients who enjoy a cigar or smoking while traveling, which you cannot do commercially.” On famous clients: “One of the world’s top pop stars is one of our most loyal customers. We won her loyalty by actually declining a trip for her during her tour. The flight she had scheduled was going to be flown by a flight crew who did not meet our safety standards. We told her we didn’t feel comfortable booking the jet for her, but we could find one with the correct safety markings a few hours later…. At first her team was furious with us, but a few hours later realized we had her best interests, and safety, in mind.” On perks, perks, perks: “Pulling your car directly up to the plane, having your pilots take your luggage as you walk on the Magellan Jets red carpet, being greeted by your flight attendant with Champagne, and juices for your kids, catering from your favorite local restaurant-for instance, we flew someone out of New York last week, and they wanted Carnegie Deli sandwiches. We also had a customer who wanted French food from Gaslight Brasserie in Boston.” On furry passengers: “A lot of clients don’t want their four-legged family members traveling in a cargo hold on commercial airlines, so we transport passengers and pets all the time…. There was also a time we flew a dog from New York to Hawaii all by itself. Lucky pup.”

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