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A Positive Outlook for Private Aviation into 2014

With the economy finally looking better than it has in years, new business travelers have begun to restore their faith in private aviation again. With attention to, the annual number of people flying privately amounting to over 166 million, there is nothing but positive momentum for private charter companies into 2014.

According to Honeywell Technology, there will be approximately 9,300 deliveries of new business jets valued at over $260 billion expected from now through 2022. With that being said, the numbers of jets in production will have almost tripled over the last forty years due to the increasing demand of private aviation in Europe, China and U.S.
More importantly, Traqpak Data released a survey stating flight increases of about 1.9 percent from last year and Part 135-charter activity increasing to 8 percent. Generally speaking, the real decline for the upcoming year are fractional flying and fractional activity. Making it a positive outlook for private charter and jet card memberships.

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