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An Inside Look at the Amazing Gulfstream G650

When it comes to private jets, Gulfstream is the king of the hill. With the G650, set to hit the skies in the next few months, it is looking to cement its number one position. With a $64.5 million price tag, the G650 will come with all the technological and luxury bells and whistles anyone would expect. The airworthiness of the aircraft keeps the Gulfstream on track with its plan to deliver the first fully outfitted G650’s to customers by the end of 2012. The New York Post reported in 2011 that Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, and Ralph Lauren all want one. Gulfstream will not reveal the names of buyers, but verified that it has received more than 200 orders for the private jet.
The G650 will fly at Mach .925, nearly the speed of sound.
With a range of more than 8,000 miles, it can fly from Dubai to New York without landing. It has room for eight passengers and a crew of four.
It has the tallest, longest, widest cabin in its class.

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