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CEO of Magellan Jets, Joshua Hebert, Selected to Join the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Board of Governors

CEO of Magellan Jets, Joshua Hebert, Selected to Join the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Board of Governors
Leading Private Jet Charter Company Continues to Make Safety Their Top Priority

BOSTON, MA – July 15, 2014 – Magellan Jets CEO, Joshua Hebert, has been selected to join the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Board of Governors. Magellan Jets commitment to safety has earned them the respect and recognition of some of the most prominent organizations in the aviation industry. They are proud to have been the first private jet charter broker in the world to be named to The Air Charter Safety Foundation, and now honored to serve on their prestigious board.

The ACSF, founded in 2007, is a non-profit foundation established to improve the safety of air charter and fractional aircraft ownership operations.The vision of the ACSF is to enable on-demand charter providers and fractional program managers to achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry. This goal is achieved through:
1. Promotion and facilitation of risk management programs.
2. Advocacy for industry adoption of one common audit standard.
3. Dissemination of safety information.
4. Creation of additional programs that advance the goals of the Foundation.
Bryan Burns, President of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, says “Joshua’s knowledge, experience and leadership in the aviation industry will help support and sustain the Foundation’s ongoing and future safety activities. I am delighted to have him as a Board member.”
By working with these independent, third-party evaluators such as ACSF, Wyvern and ARG/US; Magellan Jets has access to accurate, unfiltered data that allows them to verify the compliance of all charter flights. Ranging from aircraft flight history to operator insurance policies, Magellan Jets compiles all pertinent air charter safety requirements. They have exclusive access to the records and audits of every aircraft and flight crew available and demand the safest records for each flight. Every time travelers fly with Magellan Jets, they’ll be provided with the most up to date background information on the crew and the aircraft based on in-depth research of DOT, FAA, and other aviation safety databases.
At Magellan Jets, they use only the world leaders in aviation safety research. They look beyond the gleaming paint and soft leather seats to carefully assess the pilots, the aircraft, and the charter operators, so that they have the information needed to recommend the right aircraft crew for your next trip.
Before every flight they check:

  • Operational control of the aircraft. This assures that your flight has not been brokered to another air charter operator without your knowledge.
  • The aircraft operator’s safety records and current FAA Part 135 air charter certification.
  • That the aircraft operator meets Magellan Jets insurance requirements.
  • The pilots’ experience in that aircraft.
  • The pilots’ certification and type ratings.
  • The pilots’ record of accidents, incidents, and enforcement actions.
  • That the pilots’ medical and training requirements are up to date.

You won’t find a company that is more committed to its clients’ safety and security than Magellan Jets.

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