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Cessna Citation Latitude’s Range Extended to 2,500nm

Cessna recently announced the increased range capacity for their brand new Citation Latitude private jet. This milestone adds to the aircraft’s impressive list of performance characteristics and is certain to make the business jet more popular. One question still remains, however; is 2,500nm the furthest this aircraft will fly? The Citation Latitude was originally designed to travel 2,000nm, then in 2011 it was increased to 2,300nm and just last week Cessna announced the newest range of 2,500nm. Cessna’s determination to bring private aviation mainstream in China is considered to be the reason for the range increase.
Unlike the United States and most of Europe, distances between major cities in Asian cover vast landscapes with very few refueling points in between. For Cessna to be competitive in this emerging market, they must meet the demands of the prospective travellers and the geographical barriers between them. With this thought in mind, it is not unlikely we will see another range increase before the aircraft reaches full certification.
“Our customers asked, we answered” said a Cessna spokesperson at the time of the first range increase, before adding “The increased range will give the aircraft more flexibility to fly a wider variety of missions and meet our customer requirements for comfort and performance. We’ve made this great aircraft even better”.
For the US market, a 2,500nm range makes the Citation Latitude an excellent option for many city pairings including west to east coast non-stop trips. The business jet’s large cabin and luxurious amenities will ensure a pleasurable and relaxing journey no matter how long you’re airborne. While Magellan Jets eagerly awaits the Latitude’s arrival, we are proud to represent a massive fleet of comparable aircraft to meet your most demanding aircraft charter request. Put our industry leading reputation and experience to work for you. Call (877) 550-JETS or submit your charter request here for an instant quote on your very own private jet.

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