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Charter Flights Help Travelers Escape Snow Storm after Snow Storm

The recent storms that have pounded the Northeast and surprised the South have sent the nation into a bit of a logistical turmoil. Trips have been disrupted, cars have been stranded and options have been severely limited. But as TIME magazine reports, the private jet industry has been able to turn lemons into lemonade from what is an otherwise sour situation.
Taking advantage of their relatively small size, private jets can utilize smaller airports which require less time for snow removal. Saving time, paired with the ability to both file flight plans and board passengers more rapidly, private jets are proving this winter to be a prime resource when choosing to buck the snow. By flying into a greater number of smaller airports, private jets are available at locations much closer to travelers’ origin or destination, ensuring passengers spend as little time as possible in the slippery conditions this winter have brought.
Just like Magellan Jets, private jets offer travelers unparalleled access and uncompromised standards. Allowing you to get out of dodge during the winter, private jets are your best bet for beating the next Snowpocolypse.

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