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Chartering a Private Jet to Van Nuys

Did you know that Van Nuys is the busiest Private Jet Airport in the world? The Van Nuys Airport averages about 260,000 takeoffs and landings per year. There are many factors that play part into that high number of flights. Number one reason being the close proximity to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles International Airport is one of the busiest commercial airports in America, which can be quite hectic to navigate. Making Van Nuys an attractive alternative for many passengers. Van Nuys is also known as the airport of choice for movie stars, famous celebrities, politicians and business executives traveling to southern California. No commercial airlines fly into this airport; only private planes, charters and small commercial are allowed access.

Looking into traveling to California in the future? Whether you’re traveling to California for business or pleasure, Magellan Jets can help coordinate your private jet to Van Nuys. Magellan Jets dedicated Flight Support team can also help to arrange onboard catering or ground transportation for your journey. Stop wasting time with commercial flights into LAX and charter your next flight to Van Nuys.

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