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Gulfstream GV, G500, And G550-What’s The Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between the Gulfstream GV, G500, and the Gulfstream G550 private jets? When looking to charter a jet, it is important to know the exact ins and outs of the aircraft that you are planning to fly on. Obviously, we make it a point to supply the best aircraft possible when you charter jets through Magellan Jets, but it’s still good to know all the facts!

When examining the interior of the Gulfstream GV, G500, and the G550, it is important to research and learn all about the amenities and cool gadgets on board. The G500 and G550 are both equipped with a PlaneView cockpit, which is currently the most advanced flight deck in business aviation. The systems in each aircraft are based on Honeywell’s next generation Primus Epic integrated avionics suite. The G500 and G550 are both equipped with Gulfstream’s signature Cursor Control Device (CCD). The CCD aids pilots in flight planning, navigation, and communications in flight by improving the way that pilots interact with the PlaneView avionics system. Although the GV does not offer CCD or PlaneView, there is a new option to install PlaneDeck, which converts the displays from older tube-style displays to LCDs, and offers much of the same features. PlaneDeck is also Synthetic Vision System (SVS) capable. The optional Synthetic Vision Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD) adds to the enhanced situation awareness even in zero visibility conditions right on the main cockpit display, instead of on a separate screen.

All three aircraft (GV, G500, & G550) have Enhanced Vision System (EVS). EVS significantly improves situational awareness by providing an infrared video feed of the environment and presenting the pilot with a clear view of runway markings, taxiways, and the surrounding landscape at night or in the worst weather conditions. Each aircraft is also equipped with autoland, a system that fully automates the landing phase of an aircraft’s flight, with the human crew supervising the process. Gulfstream has been able to manufacture each aircraft with the best Flight Management Systems, ensuring additional safety, comfort, and efficiency.

The cabins aboard each Gulfstream combine productivity with exceptional comfort. The signature oval windows provide ample sunlight and a continuous supply of 100 percent fresh air throughout the cabin keeps passengers comfortable on long flights. With options for four distinct living areas, three separate temperature zones and a choice of available configurations that seat up to 18 passengers, passengers are able to indulge in complete business luxury. Maintaining contact with the home or office is even easier with a host of standard communication features: a fax machine, a printer, a wireless local area network and satellite communications are all available as options. Cabins arranged as separate groupings encourage working, dining, entertaining or resting to help keep fresh and productive.

These aircraft are three of the most popular private jet charters and are well established in ultra-long range and large cabin category. The Gulfstream GV, G500, and G550 are three extraordinary airplanes that offer extensive range and impressive speeds without sacrificing cabin comfort. Gulfstream has been manufacturing airplanes for over 50 years and is used to setting the standard for business travel. They have a top-rated service center network that stands ready to provide assistance on six continents. If we were to recommend an aircraft for a long, luxurious business travel, it would likely be a Gulfstream GV, G500, or G550.

Performance                                         GV                                               G500                                             G550

Max Range (Mach 0.80)                    6,500 nm                                           5,800 nm                                         6,750 nm

Max Operating Speed                     Mach 0.885                                        Mach 0.885                                     Mach 0.885

Max Cruise                                             51,000 ft                                          51,000 ft                                            51,000 ft

Max Takeoff Weight                           90,500 lbs                                       85,100 lbs                                          91,000 lbs

Design Specifications                         GV                                               G500                                              G550

Engines                                      Rolls-Royce BR710A1-10                 Rolls-Royce BR710C4-11             Rolls-Royce BR710C4-11

Rated Takeoff Thrust                           14,750 lbs                                       15,385 lbs                                           15,385 lbs

Typical Seating                                        14-18                                                14-18                                                    14-18

Length                                                     96.42 ft                                             96.05 ft                                              96.05 ft

Height                                                     25.83 ft                                              25.10 ft                                               25.10 ft

Wing Span                                              93.50 ft                                             93.06 ft                                               93.06 ft


Check out your options for the GV, G500, G550, and dozens of other aircraft through our jet card ownershippay-as-you-go membership and on-demand charter programs. Magellan Jets is committed to the highest safety standards, personalized experiences and top level customer service. Our experts will match you with the right aircraft and crew for your trip, sourced from our highly selective Magellan Jets Preferred Network and subject to the the world’s most comprehensive service and safety management and quality assurance system. 

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