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Jet Cards A La Carte

Private-jet customers are getting picky. They want more choice. “When you look at the aviation industry, everything looks the same, with love it or leave it terms,” says Anthony Tivnan, president and co-founder of jet operator Magellan Jets. And make sure to bring your lawyer along before crossing the “T’s” and dotting the “I’s” of that 30 to 50 pages of contract, he adds. (Even then, customers can wind up bloodied; for a horror story full of lessons, see “Fractional Fracas.”
“To be honest, we were following that same platform,” says Tivnan.

Tivnan and Hebert’s build-a-card is playing on a trend they spotted; a number of wealthy individuals owning planes are also buying more flight-time via a jet card. “Flyers are becoming a lot more savvy on efficiency, and are finding innovative ways to use ownership, fractional, and jet cards together,” Tivnan says. Among

them is Robert Herjavec a Magellan jet card holder, jet owner, businessman and media personality on the popular ABC investing show Shark Tank. “He has a Magellan jet card in case his family needs the plane, but he has to travel on business,” says Tivnan.But now Tivnan and his fellow co-founder and CEO of Magellan jets, Joshua Hebert, think they have found a way to distinguish themselves from the competitive pack: a customizable jet card that they dub “build-a-card.” It allows travelers to mix-and-match amenities that fit their needs.

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