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Key Threats at Brazil 2014 World Cup FIFA | Magellan Jets

With concerns continuing to rise regarding threat of crime, riots and violence toward foreign travelers at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, our friends at Global Rescue, a worldwide provider of integrated medical, security, intelligence, travel risk management and crisis response services for corporations, governments and individuals, announced that its medical and security personnel have developed a thorough review of key health and safety threats to those attending FIFA World Cup by Private Jet.

Global Rescue excels at providing critical support during major international sporting events. The company supported members at the Sochi Winter Olympics earlier this year, with confirmed threats and a recent history of terrorist attacks in the surrounding region. Global Rescue also provided medical and security support to members for the 2006 Turin Olympics and 2012 London Summer Olympics.

  • Petty crime runs rampant throughout the country, and especially in large cities. Violent crimes, including murders, burglaries, and carjacking, are common.
  • While there is a low threat of indigenous or international terrorism in Brazil, civil unrest including protests against the 2014 FIFA World Cup have taken place in several host cities, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and have resulted in clashes between protesters and police.
  • Given the potential medical and security issues travelers may face, Global Rescue advises FIFA attendees to bring satellite phones to ensure communication capabilities in the event of an emergency.
  • Global Rescue advises travelers to stay alert to personal security at all times. Muggings and pick pocketing occur frequently, especially in tourist areas such as hotels, bars, beaches, transportation centers, and nightclubs, as well as in favelas.
  • Travelers should avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash at night or when it can be observed by potential attackers. When possible, use ATM machines in accepted hotels, banks, or businesses.
  • Tourists should be on the alert for “express kidnappings,” in which a person walking alone is grabbed from the street, brought to an ATM, and made to withdraw all the money from their account.
  • Regarding transportation, the safest way of getting around is by privately hired or corporate vehicle. Although not as safe as a corporate vehicle, radio taxis are often preferable to taking public transportation

Magellan Jets wants all our clients using our private jets to the World Cup to have a SAFE and fun time. If you have more concerns feel free to reach out to Global Rescue at 617-459-4200 or contact Magellan Jets.
Magellan Jets also offers a VIP travel package to the 2014 World Cup. Read more about the exclusive package here:

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