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KOR Nava Self-Filtration Bottle: The Most Important Item On Your Packing List

No matter where you are jetting off too, the one thing you will always need throughout any of your travels is water, but many travelers often forget the importance of staying hydrated while traveling.

When it comes to air travel, one of the most common problems among travelers is dehydration. While passengers are flying up to 35,000 ft. in the air, the aircraft’s cabin humidity levels drop unnaturally low causing physiological changes within the body, and if not properly hydrated, travelers can experience serious illness related to exhaustion and jetlag… something no one wants to deal with while on vacation!
While traveling, constantly seeking out stores to buy plastic bottles can be extremely inconvenient, but with KOR’s self-filtrating Nava bottle, drinking and constantly having access to clean water has never been so easy.
“Originally coined the ‘bottled water killer,’ Nava frees water from being packaged and shipped around the world,” says KOR Co-Founder and CEO, J. Eric Barnes. “Winner of Inc. Magazine’s ‘Product of the Year,’ Nava is designed for style, performance and convenience.”
About KOR Nava
The KOR Nava bottle is perfect for those on-the-go who never compromise on their water’s taste or quality. Featuring a coconut-shell filter straw, hands-free push-button cap, and KOR’s Easy-Flow technology for rapid water flow, this bottle allows you to have pure water wherever you are.
“Because your body runs on water,” says KOR Vice President, David Lever, “our beautiful, innovative hydration vessels – are designed to help you drink more water.”
To make sure you stay hydrated on your next trip, don’t forget to put your KOR Nava bottle on your packing list!

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