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Magellan Jets Announces the First of Its Kind Build-A-Card: A Customized Solution for Your Charter Needs in 2014

The Future of Aviation Starts Here: You Build It, They Make It
Magellan Jets announced the launch of their latest cutting-edge technology platform, the customizable ‘Build-A Card’ tool. The first ever online program that will allow clients to address their own private travel concerns with one simple device. The concept behind the platform is to help alleviate the burden of shopping around for a solution to customer’s private aviation headaches. In today’s charter market it can be difficult to find a jet card provider that can fulfill every traveler’s specific needs. But with the Build-A-Card’s next generation technology it is now possible to assemble that solution with four easy steps right online.

The Build-A-Card program gives customers the ability to customize a jet card from the comfort of their own home. After logging on to Magellan Jets website, they are given the capability to choose the appropriate jet category, amount of hours, and two additional add-ons for their personalized jet card. The categories include light, mid, super-mid and large jets. Some of the additional add-ons include no peak surcharge for the frequent holiday traveler, two free jet upgrades for the occasional cross country traveler, or 1.5 hour minimums for the short business trip traveler who doesn’t want to be penalized with a 2-hour minimum policy. Clients are given free range to pick and choose what is important to them when it comes to their jet card program.

These are the steps Magellan Jets’ customers can now take to build their own personal Jet card:
1) Choose your Jet

a) Light: Light Jet Flex / Hawker 400 XP/ Beechjet 400A

b) Midsize: Learjet 60/ Hawker 800/ Hawker 800XP

c) Supermid: Citation X or Challenger 300

d) Large: Challenger 604 /Gulfstream 400/ Gulfstream 450

2) Choose your Hours
a) 25 Hours
b) 50 Hours
c) 75 Hours
d) 100 Hours

3) Choose your perk
a) No Fuel Surcharge – Take advantage of a no fuel surcharge lock for 12 months on this card and save big.

b) No Peak Surcharge – The perfect solution for the leisure traveler who flies during holidays and peak times.

c) 1.5 Hour Minimums – Have more short flights? Lower your daily flight minimum while still taking advantage of the industry’s most competitive rates.

d) 18 Month Term- Don’t fly often & worried you may not use your full card in 12 months? Take advantage of an 18 month term!

4) Choose your add-on
a) Complimentary catering – Choose delicious options form Magellan Jets’ Member Menu for each and every flight with no additional costs.

b) Complimentary Ground Transportation – Need a lift? Magellan Jets will pick up the bill.

c) Free Aircraft Upgrades – Sometimes you just want an upgrade. Choose two flights to move up a size-category for free.

d) No Interchange Fees- Why pay more for flexibility? Upgrade or downgrade at an even rate whenever you need to.

To get started with your own customized jet card, visit or contact Magellan Jets at 1-877-550-5387.
About Magellan Jets
Magellan Jets is a leader in private jet travel with over 30 years of aviation experience. At the forefront of their reputation is the superb quality of service and safety which they provide. With a wide variety of membership programs as well as point-to-point charter services, clients are advised on the best option for their specific needs. Benefits of a membership include no fuel surcharges, no repositioning charges, guaranteed aircraft availability with as little as ten hours’ notice, inclusive gourmet catering, and V.I.P. ground transportation. Magellan Jets’ Flight Support department is available 24/7 to provide services such as weather tracking, itinerary changes, and personalized in-flight entertainment. Magellan Jets has operations worldwide and offers flights in the Continental U.S., the Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, and Europe. Magellan

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