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Magellan Jets Re-Launches College Tour Packages

With college tour season in full swing, finding time to visit your chilld’s dream school can be quite a hassle when it is located across the country. For a decision directly impacting your child’s future, it is important to see all aspects of the college, including the campus. To help parents be there every step of the way, Magellan Jets is offering a tour package to make a visit to every school on the list attainable for the whole family.

Magellan Jets re-launched its seasonal promotion for one of the most important family experiences: the college tour. Private flyers can take advantage of the Magellan Jets 10 Hour College Tour Jet Card to help make the college selection process memorable and enjoyable.
“At Magellan Jets, we recognize that our Members place a high priority on their families. While they have tremendous demands on their time, they want to be fully present during the emotional experience of exploring colleges with their children,” said Joshua Hebert, CEO of Magellan Jets. “Our Members value our ability to help them on life’s journeys, as we provide a range of services that add efficiency and possibilities to their lives. In this case, they benefit from a fully scheduled, seamless college tour that takes their focus off logistics and puts it where it belongs: their family.”

Through June, Members can provide Magellan Jets with a list of schools they will visit. Magellan Jets’ Flight Support Team will liaise with each college to provide an efficient route, enjoyable experience, and seamless itinerary.
Additional elements include:

  • Logistical planning of College Tour itinerary to maximize time on the ground
  • Arrangement of pick up and drop off car services
  • Cabin customization and college-specific items on board, including college notepads to record likes and dislikes from each campus
  • A reference guide from Top Tier Admissions, with tips for visiting college campuses and strategies for college hunting
  • Once the decision is made, Magellan Jets sends a gift basket with the institution’s branded paraphernalia

The College Tour Jet Card starts at 10 hours, but can be extended depending on a traveler’s needs. Learn more at


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