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Meet The Citation X+: The Fastest Business Jet On The Planet

As hard as it is to believe, calling the Citation X+ the fastest business jet on the planet is actually an understatement. To be correct, The Citation X+ is the fastest non-military grade jet there is. However, speed isn’t the only feature to this aviation icon that can reach an unparalleled Mach .935.

Unrivaled Speed

The Citation X+ hasn’t just beaten speed records, but shattered them time and time again. After briefly losing the distinguished crown as the fastest business jet there is to Gulfstream in late 2012, the Citation X+ quickly came back with a vengeance. It reached a speed as high as Mach .935 and 617 miles per hour at cruising speed, according to Robb Report.

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA), the official record keeper for U.S. aviation, recognized this accomplishment as a world record.

On the Inside…

The larger cabin is the first thing passengers will notice when stepping onto the Citation X+. It is about 15 inches longer than the Citation X, providing considerably more legroom for a spacious ride. Multiple compartments with additional storage units available offer plenty of space for luggage. Able to comfortably seat 9 in the forward club facing seats, the 13 large windows make sure every passenger has a view to remember.

On the Outside…

One of the key features that often gets over-shadowed by its out of this world speed is the fact that the Citation X+ looks like a plane you want to fly in. It’s distinct winglets and super sleek design topped off with clean lines make this aircraft just flat out look fast, even when it’s not in the air.


Along with every other feature of the Citation X+, the avionics do not disappoint. Two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines power the world’s fastest business jet, while the cockpit offers an extremely pilot friendly avionics system. Five 7×8 inch screens replace the standard analog instruments, making for a very easy to read display system.


Maximum Limit Speed:

0.935 Mach

Maximum Passengers:

12 Max, 9 comfortably

Takeoff Field Length:

5,250 feet


3,460 Nautical miles

Cabin Height:

68 in

Cabin Width:

66 in

Cabin Length:

25 ft

Maximum Operating Altitude:

51,000 ft.

When it comes to the Citation X+, its hard to look past its lightning fast cruising speed, and rightfully so. Not many jets can reach Mach .9, nevermind Mach .935. However, as you can tell, there is much more to this super-mid size aircraft. Experience it for yourself with a 25 hour membership.

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