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Private Jet Charter now Cheaper than Ever

Did you know that sometimes private jet charter can cost the same as doing the trip first class? Commercial airlines are constantly raising fares, charging for bags, and cutting that route that you need the most! By chartering a private jet you can easily avoid the crowded flights, long delays, and hassle associated with the typical commercial flight. Independent airline analyst and founder of, Robert Herbs, commented that growing interest in private travel is pretty understandable. He said, “By the time you have to deal with all the security at airports, especially on the shorter flights, it’s just not worth it for the businessman. Their time is too valuable to waste spending in security lines, … (on) delayed planes, and fighting with 100% full airplanes.”

Magellan Jets recently launched an empty leg search engine that allows users to access private jet trips that are going without any paying passengers on board. By working with the operators, who want to move the aircraft, Magellan Jets is often able to secure very competitive pricing. Smart use of empty legs can reduce the cost of flying privately to be comparable to the costs of flying first class on a commercial airline.

Obviously a chartered flight for one passenger will cost more than an airline ticket, but when you budget in the costs of time wasted, nights away from home, and the intangibles like stress and fatigue, the gap starts to shrink. Also, for groups of people (especially larger groups) the cost of flying private can even be more efficient than commercial airline service! For example, if a group of six were to charter a light private jet from Boston to New York City, a private flight could cost as little as $8,400 for a round trip. If that same group were to fly first class commercial, the cost could be as high as $8,700. In some cases flying private can be the cheaper option and it is always more valuable, improving productivity and business efficiency. Contact one of our charter experts today for more information!

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