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Russian Spy Works For NetJets, Private Jet Company

Anna Chapman, born February 23, 1982 is an alleged Russian Spy who has been working for the Illegals Program under the SVR, Russian Intelligence. Anna has been called a “Modern Day Bond Girl”, due to her good looks, red hair and green eyes. It seems like her Russian Spy role came out of a recent espionage movie. It has been reported that this Russian Spy has recently worked for NetJets, formerly the largest executive jet aviation company in the world.
According to Anna and her social network pages like LinkedIn, her resume states that she was involved in selling private jets to Russian clients and other high end individuals. The high-end interaction that Anna claims to have had with wealthy clients may involve serious private information. It has not yet been reported if Anna has stolen any information from NetJets and relayed it back to Russia Authorities. Who really knows if NetJets’ clients are at risk? No one wants important and personal information to be in the hands of a Russian Spy.
Anna has claimed to have been working for NetJets at a senior executive level. In fact she worked as an executive assistant to the sales team and only for a few months. Whether it is one day, a few months, or a year, Anna still may have had access to important NetJets information. Chapman plead guilty to the charge of conspiracy and has been deported back to Russia.

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