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Tips for Earth-Friendly Travel

As travelers, we appreciate flying around this gorgeous planet, and in honor of Earth Day, we want to celebrate by going green with these 5 eco-friendly travel tips.

  1. Bring your own bottles. Plastic bottles are one of the world’s biggest pollution problems, so refrain from buying them when you travel.
  2. You do not need your sheets and towels changed every day. When checking in at your hotel, let the receptionist know that your sheets and towels can be washed every 2-4 days instead of every day. Doing so, you can help cut down on the water supply used to wash them.
  3. Try not to throw garbage in your hotel room trashcan. They are usually lined with a plastic bag, and housekeeping will change them out every time there is any trash in them. Instead, make it a habit to toss your trash in the community trash bins in the lobby.
  4. Shut off the lights and air conditioner / heater when you are not using it. Wasting energy can lead to more burning of coal and other fossil fuels that contribute to global climate change.
  5. Get new soap and sunscreen. Chemicals in detergents and sunscreens can damage coral. If possible, try to use biodegradable soaps and sunscreen as much as you can when traveling to tropical locations.

Happy Earth Day from Magellan Jets!

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