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What Makes Nantucket and the Hamptons Special for Memorial Day Weekend? We Asked the Experts…

Memorial Day is the official start of the travel season, and that’s something to celebrate! From lying out on one of America’s most beautiful white beaches to sailing away with family and friends in the Atlantic Ocean, what better way to celebrate the USA than traveling to the country’s most fabulous beach towns? If spending a three-day weekend relaxing beachside in the USA sounds like your ideal holiday, Nantucket and the Hamptons are calling your name!
To learn more about why these two famous destinations are so special for Memorial Day, Magellan Jets sat down with the people who know Nantucket and the Hamptons best. Publisher of Nantucket Magazine/ real estate investor, Bruce Percelay, and Hamptons real estate expert, Darius Narizzano, explain to us why we should all be headed to Nantucket and the Hamptons for the holiday.

Bruce Percelay: Nantucket “N” Magazine- Publisher, Real Estate Investor
Q: Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer season. Why is Nantucket the best place to celebrate warmer weather, and most importantly, Memorial Day?
A: After a winter of cabin fever, people are flying to Nantucket in record amounts for Memorial Day weekend. Hotel bookings are up 20 percent over the last year and the reason is simple… Nantucket is the quintessential American town and nothing speaks to Memorial Day better than the quaint authenticity of this seaport.
Q: When it comes to activities, restaurants and places to stay, what are some of the things the island has to offer to locals and visitors alike for Memorial Day weekend?
A: The island continues to add bicycle paths making it possible for people to easily ride their bikes around the whole island of Nantucket. It’s a Biker’s paradise. The island also continues to add new restaurants, and some people argue that there are more high quality restaurants in Nantucket than all of Boston. The addition of new exiting boutique hotels in Nantucket is also a big draw for people to come to Nantucket. 21 Broad Hotel, which is voted by Conde Nast Traveler as one of 2015’s Best New Hotels in the World, is a brand new hotel lots of people will be wanting to visit.
Q: What makes visiting Nantucket for Memorial Day weekend more ideal than, let’s say, Martha’s Vineyard which is another beautiful island off of Massachusetts?
A: Nantucket is a one of a kind destination ideally suited for families and couples for a variety of reasons, one of which are our beaches. Not only are the beaches spectacular, unlike Martha’s Vineyard, you don’t need passes to get on them.

Darius Narizzano: Real Estate Sales at Saunders Realty, Estate Manager
Q: Why are the Hamptons a great place to visit for Memorial Day weekend? What kinds of events or activities happen during that weekend?
A: Known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, quiet bays and picturesque farmland, the Hamptons offer endless recreation options for vacationers. Boating or fishing in one of the majestic bays, horseback riding along the shore or exploring one of the many scenic trails are a few of the numerous diversions available in this unique area. The abundant wildlife and colorful landscapes accentuate this wonderful vacation destination. The Hamptons has an art and social scene that attracts affluent people from around the globe and is known for its gourmet restaurants, shopping, local festivals, art, and history. This is a rare and special place.
Q: What would one do at the Hamptons to wind down and relax on Memorial Day weekend?
A: Relax on one of the many miles of beaches with a great book, surf, swim, paddle board, boating, fishing, horseback riding, tennis, nature walks or hikes, shop, visit our farm stands, vineyards & wonderful restaurants…
Q: What is unique about the Hamptons that make visiting for Memorial Day weekend appealing for families?
A: First I would say the “light”… The reason so many famous amazing artists settled and painted here in the Hamptons is that there is a noticeably vibrant quality of light that makes everything crisp and beautiful. Clean, fresh ocean air. And all the small, special hamlets to visit… Southampton, Watermill, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, East Hampton, Amagansett, Montauk, Shelter Island each with their own charm, gourmet restaurants, shopping, local festivals, art, history and beaches. These towns were all settled in the early 1600s and through strict building codes and active preservation programs they have maintained their beauty and integrity.
I invite you to come and discover paradise by the sea only 90 miles outside of Manhattan!

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