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Which Private Jet Category is Right For You?

Want to book a private jet for upcoming travel, but not sure what type of private jet is best for your trip? With up to five different jet size categories to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the appropriate sized aircraft for your travel needs. So how do you pick the right private jet?

People have a tendency of lumping private jets into one luxurious category, but private jets are designed and built into five different categories. These categories include: Very Light Jet, Light Jet, Mid Size Jet, Super Mid Size and Large Jet. Sometimes it can be confusing when picking the right jet for your destination and usage. Consulting with your Aircraft Consultant will be the best way to choose your appropriate jet, but here is a quick run down…
The first category of private jets is the Very Light Jet. The vast majority of very light jets seat up to six passengers in a cabin roughly the size of a large SUV. The VLJ is generally used for short business trip travel. The cost of operation is about a third that of larger jets. Making it the most cost efficient choice for quick trips like Savannah to Atlanta or Boston to New York City.
The most popular and common type of private jet category is known as the light jet. Examples of popular light jets are Hawker 400XP or Learjet 45XR. Light jets generally carry 6 to 8 passengers on-board and can travel distance such as New York to Chicago. A bit limited on range compared to the next three categories it still does the job for many travelers.
Next, is mid size jets. Created to carry more passengers and go longer distances than the light jet. They carry between 8 to 10 passengers on-board. The mid size is popular because it can travel to most domestic locations without too much trouble. Even though they are more expensive than light jets, people find this class can meet their travel needs while keeping the costs to a reasonable level.
Super mid size jets are next in line and can carry 8 to 16 passengers. This category includes top of the line jets such as the Gulfstream 280. They tend to be more luxurious than the average business jet. Most of them can make long range trips across the ocean, allowing them to be used for international travel.
Last category is Large Jets. This jet is limited to 19 passengers since any more would require them to operate under the same rules as airliners. These jets have ultra-long range flight capabilities. The long ranges allow passengers to travel up to 6,750 NM uninterrupted. If you’re looking for top of the line luxury, large jets will not disappoint.
So what type of jet do you need for your next private air travel experience?

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