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Will the Government Shutdown Impact Aviation?

Many federal workers woke up Tuesday morning, October 1st, to find out they had been forced onto unpaid furlough. The House and Senate couldn’t agree on a bill to fund the government, and time has run out. So, it’s shutdown time.
However, FAA continues its business almost as usual. Of a total of 46,070 FAA positions, 30,556 are considered exempted and those employees reported for work as normal. The FAA has prepared a contingency plan in which air traffic controllers and other essential employees will continue working in order to maintain the safety of the national airspace system. NBAA said it is in communication “with various government agencies to discuss the ramifications of the shutdown and ensure that services essential to the safe and efficient operation of business aircraft would not be adversely affected.” Air and rail travelers in the United States should not feel a big impact by the shutdown.
Even though travelers may not see immediate disruptions, the government shutdown could have a longer-term economic impact. A governmental shutdown harms our economy and all businesses, including the airline industry.

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