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Our Private Aviation Consultants are eager to help recommend the perfect aircraft for your travel plans and unique needs whether that be an on-demand charter flight or jet membership. With years of experience and training in the market, our consultants take a different approach by truly understanding your needs and expectations and providing complete solutions. Available aircraft are pre-qualified for safety and quality and must meet the standards of the Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN). When flying on-demand charter, our customers reap the benefit of the excellent infrastructure we have in place, staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to support our global aviation presence.

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We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional safety, service, and value without compromise. We believe that safety and quality assurance are best maintained through multiple layers of due diligence and ongoing reporting. The Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN) is the framework that enables us to select only the highest quality aircraft providers to execute our missions and secure a safe and reliable mode of private transportation for you.

  • Network of charter operators you can trust
  • Safety, consistency and core values with every decision
  • MJPN consists of less than 10% of operators in the US
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Available around the clock, your dedicated Flight Support Team is there to manage the fine details of every flight. Should you need medical assistance, they will also handle all of the logistics of your Air Ambulance flight – making sure your loved ones arrive quickly and safely to the best patient care facilities in the world. We provide ambulance pick-ups to and from the aircraft, as well as constant communication with family members.

  • Full team of FAA certificated pilots
  • Flight safety assessment on each flight segment
  • Available LIVE 24/7, 365 days a year

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