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flying with pets dog on beach with owners

10 Things You Need to Know About Flying with Pets

Flying private with pets has become an increasingly popular way of travel given the strict rules and regulations passengers are subject to on commercial flights. Having your pet treated closer to luggage than a passenger in cargo probably doesn’t sit well with most owners who see their pets as family members. As experts in pet travel, Magellan Jets can schedule rest-stops, place toys on board, and even have crews assigned that are extra pet-friendly. Here are some key things you’ll want to know to ensure your pet has the most comfortable flight experience.

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Why You Should Know Who Is Handling Your Next Flight

If you don’t know the team who is handling your next flight, you probably should. Most private flyers only meet a small handful of the people directly involved in making their trip go smoothly. Magellan Jets implements a multi-step process from a team of professionals for both our membership and charter options to ensure our clients receive safe, seamless and on-time travel. We are so confident in our process, we want all of our customers to know how we operate.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Private Jet Charter Broker

Researching and booking a private jet on your own can be overwhelming! If you do not have much knowledge about the industry, the researching alone can be a tedious task. Thankfully, there are private jet charter brokers who can help alleviate the entire burden. An experienced charter broker can provide you with numerous benefits you might not have even considered!

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Part 135 Charter Sector Increases by 3.7 Percent Versus Last Year

By: Chad Trautvetter
After climbing to its highest level since 2008 in October, business aircraft activity “cooled down” last month, according to TraqPak data released yesterday by aviation services company Argus. Overall, flying in this segment fell 2 percent year-over-year.
Continuing the trend seen throughout this year, the Part 135 charter sector once again was the only operational category to post a gain in flying activity, increasing by 3.7 percent versus a year ago. Part 91 activity skidded by 4.3 percent, while fractional flying-still reeling from Avantair’s demise-fell by 5.4 percent last month.

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Magellan Jets Enters the Private Aviation Market in China

Magellan Jets Enters the Private Aviation Market in China and Launches a Range of Specialty Services
Magellan Jets is Providing Students and Families in China with Private Jet Transportation to the U.S., Elite Concierge Services and Top-Tier Medical Expertise
Boston, MA. – July 25, 2011 -Magellan Jets is pleased to announce their expansion into the Chinese market. Now, all types of Chinese travelers can enjoy Magellan Jets’ prestige private jet and concierge services. China has recently advanced in transportation across the board; they currently have the world’s fastest train, the world’s largest high-speed rail network and they recently set a new world record for making and selling 18 million vehicles in 2010. The past several months have seen Chinese private aviation regulations relaxed. In turn, more people are turning to private jet charter for their travel and business needs. Magellan Jets will seize this tremendous opportunity to serve clients who now have access to private jet travel.

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Losses Mount for NetJets in Second Quarter

Fractional aircraft provider NetJets’ second-quarter revenues fell 43 percent year-over-year to $550 million, and for the first half dropped $1.024 billion-or 42 percent-from the same six-month period last year. According to parent company Berkshire Hathaway, NetJets’ declines reflected an 81-percent dive in aircraft sales and a 22-percent reduction in flight operations revenues “primarily due to lower flight revenue hours. NetJets reported pre-tax losses of $253 million for the second quarter and $349 million for the first six months, compared with gains of $192 million and $255 million, respectively, in the same time frames last year. Further, Berkshire said that NetJets owns more airplanes than it requires for its present level of operations “and further downsizing will be required unless demand rebounds. NetJets founder and now former chairman and CEO Richard Santulli left the company last Tuesday, just three days before Berkshire released its second-quarter results.

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IG report accuses FAA of inadequate charter oversight

In a report on the on-demand Part 135 charter industry issued last week, the Department of Transportation Inspector General (IG) concluded that the “FAA does not effectively target inspections to higher-risk on-demand operators” nor provide enough inspector oversight of charter operators in comparison with Part 121 airlines. The IG suggests that if Part 135 on-demand and Part 121 regulations were similar, then some notable accidents might not have occurred. While the IG audit notes that “the number of fatalities from on-demand operations makes it imperative that FAA take action to address these issues,” the IG was not able to analyze Part 135 versus 121 accident rates to support its concerns. The IG audit, said the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association, does not place “enough emphasis on the inherently-more-risky 135 environment.”
Much of the flying is done in foul weather, on demanding schedules, in relatively unsophisticated aircraft, with a single-pilot. And according to National Air Transportation Association president Jim Coyne, “The IG largely conducts an apples-and-oranges comparison. Part 121 is very homogenous with regard to the types of aircraft and operations. Part 135 contains every possible mission profile and includes single-engine pistons up to large cabin jets. Of course the requirements are going to be different.”

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Lafayette Regional Airport Evacuated

Lafayette Regional Airport was evacuated for a short time this morning as fumes from a can of animal mace discovered in checked baggage caused burning eyes and respiratory distress.

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Biofuel Could Lighten Jet Fuel’s Carbon Footprint Over 80%

The seeds of a lowly weed could cut jet fuel’s cradle-to-grave carbon emissions by 84 percent. David Shonnard, Robbins Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering, analyzed the carbon dioxide emissions of jet fuel made from camelina oil over the course of its life cycle, from planting to tailpipe. “Camelina jet fuel exhibits one of the largest greenhouse gas emission reductions of any agricultural feedstock-derived biofuel I’ve ever seen,” he said. “This is the result of the unique attributes of the crop–its low fertilizer requirements, high oil yield, and the availability of its coproducts, such as meal and biomass, for other uses.” Camelina sativa originated in Europe and is a member of the mustard family, along with broccoli, cabbage and canola. Sometimes called false flax or gold-of-pleasure, it thrives in the semi-arid conditions of the Northern Plains; the camelina used in the study was grown in Montana. Oil from camelina can be converted to a hydrocarbon green jet fuel that meets or exceeds all petroleum jet fuel specifications. The fuel is a “drop-in” replacement that is compatible with the existing fuel infrastructure, from storage and transportation to aircraft fleet technology. “It is almost an exact replacement for fossil fuel,” Shonnard explained. “Jets can’t use oxygenated fuels like ethanol; they have to use hydrocarbon replacements.”

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Lagging? Here’s the 411

Travelers flyingacross time zones should expect to experience jet lag. The fatigue, upsetstomach and disorientation that occurs is normal, says Dr. Andrea Meredith,assistant professor of physiology at the University of Maryland School ofMedicine.

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United Jumps on the Twitter Wagon

United Airlines is the latest airline to become a part of the Twitter trend and is introducing special fares through Tweets. United calls these new promotions “Twares” or Twitter only fares. The formal launch of such rates began on May 21st. Today United announced 20% off fares to Switzerland for the companies followers with a promotional code for the discount. Twitter is slowly but surely taking over the world!

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Linear Air Forms Eclipse Support Co-Op

A neighbor of Magellan Jets, Linear Air, has formed a Co-Operative Organziation which will provide support to the 259 Eclipse owners. The organization plans on buying assets from the liquidation sale to help keep the current fleet in service. The Co-Operative will try to purchase the type certificate, among other items. Read more about the Co-Operative:

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