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Bombardier Creates New Jobs with Expansion of Wichita Learjet Site

                                                                                                                                                                   Bombardier has recently released the news that they will be expanding their aircraft manufacturing hub in Wichita, Kansas. This is good news for the Learjet facility, which has not seen much development in the past few years. Bombardier Business Aircraft president Steve Ridolfi and the governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback announced the expansion plans on January 10. The plan includes the improvement of the flight-test center, based in Wichita. Additionally, they are establishing a center of excellence for engineering and information technology. Bombardier is also looking to add facilities for paint and production flight-testing. Lastly, they will institute an aircraft delivery center.

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Tech Tycoons Paul Allen and Burt Rutan Design the World’s Largest Aircraft

                                                                                                                                                               Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, has taken on Burt Rutan as his partner in his plan to design the world’s largest aircraft. Rutan is recently retired from Scaled Composites, the company he founded in Mojave, California. Allen is no stranger to the world of aviation – he was the funding behind the SpaceShipOne, the first privately funded manned rocket. His most recent endeavor is his company, Stratolaunch Systems. The objective for Stratolaunch is to deliver payloads (including people) to orbit Earth.

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Magellan Jets Attends NBAA 2011 in Las Vegas

From October 10-12, 2011, Magellan Jets proudly attended NBAA’s (National Business Aviation Association) conference which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the aviation industry insiders, this annual event is imperative to attend for both networking and educational purposes alike. As a business tool, this convention yields amazing results for well-respected operators and industry specialists to unite. Buying decisions are weighed and executed at the NBAA and the relationships formed set the stage for the upcoming year. Magellan Jets spent the first day on the convention floor, interacting with exhibitors and other attendees. On Tuesday, they moved onto the Static Display of Aircraft at Henderson Executive Airport where the latest aircraft models were present for the attendees to view and explore.
CEO of Magellan Jets, Joshua Hebert, and Anthony Tivnan, President of Magellan Jets, spent their time meeting with the press. They provided the media with updates on Magellan Jets and their hopes for the coming year. Recently, Magellan Jets announced their plan to provide students and families in China with private jet transportation to the U.S., elite concierge services and top-tier medical expertise. Mr. Hebert was able to give insight on Magellan Jets’ expansion into the Chinese market, “We are thrilled to be able to enter into the private aviation market in China,” says Magellan Jets CEO, Joshua Hebert. “We would like to be the trusted source of establishing Chinese students and families.”

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Magellan Jets Hosts The Louis XIII Legacy Experience

On Saturday, September 24, Magellan Jets hosted the Louis XIII Legacy Experience at The Sunset Plaza Mansion in Los Angeles, CA. This intimate private event allowed all guests to join in tasting Remy Martin’s Grand Champagne Cognac, Louis XIII, in the company of expert tastemakers. Remy Martin distinguishes Louis XIII not as a spirit, but rather as a moment to savor. Upon their arrival, the guests were invited to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and Charles Heidsick champagne. The main event was the sampling of Louis XIII; they delighted in sipping the exquisite cognac. The brand ambassador Sten Liija and Yves De Launay, the Vice President of Louis XIII greeted the attendees and were able to educate them on the spirit’s history and composition. This is a Cognac with an average age of 70 years in every bottle, which translates, for the recently released 1998 vintage, into grapes harvested in 1898 through 1952. You taste a piece of history with every sip of this exquisite Cognac. The Louis XIII Experience was a memorable evening for all. As a representative of Magellan Jets, Stephen Huntsman stated, “The event flow was smooth and the presentation was flawless and professional.”

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Business Jet Industry Strengthens as Economy Stabilizes

While the U.S. is currently in debt, there may be a light at the end of this seemingly dismal tunnel. Three years ago, the market plunged during the recession, slowing down the sales and maintenance services in the private business jet industry. Recently, we have seen the Dow Jones industrial average swing tumultuously; specifically, it had four 400-point swings. This is an occurrence which had never happened before. Due to this, the short-term future of private business jet sales may be sluggish. However, when the economy does stabilize, we will most likely see aircraft sales skyrocket.  

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Magellan Jets Enters the Private Aviation Market in China

Magellan Jets Enters the Private Aviation Market in China and Launches a Range of Specialty Services
Magellan Jets is Providing Students and Families in China with Private Jet Transportation to the U.S., Elite Concierge Services and Top-Tier Medical Expertise
Boston, MA. – July 25, 2011 –Magellan Jets is pleased to announce their expansion into the Chinese market. Now, all types of Chinese travelers can enjoy Magellan Jets’ prestige private jet and concierge services. China has recently advanced in transportation across the board; they currently have the world’s fastest train, the world’s largest high-speed rail network and they recently set a new world record for making and selling 18 million vehicles in 2010. The past several months have seen Chinese private aviation regulations relaxed. In turn, more people are turning to private jet charter for their travel and business needs. Magellan Jets will seize this tremendous opportunity to serve clients who now have access to private jet travel.

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GE gets $120 million tax credit for Aviation Complex

A 15-year, $120 million tax credit from Ohio will support General Electric Co.’s plan to invest more than $100 million in capital improvements during the next several years at its GE Aviation complex in suburban Cincinnati, including demolishing some buildings that date to around World War II, GE said Thursday, Nov. 5.

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Emivest Delivers Its First SJ30 Business Jet

Emivest Aerospace Corporation, current owner of what had been the Sino-Swearingen SJ30 business jet, reports that it has delivered its first airplane. The first Emivest SJ30—serial number 008—went to Harry Mahoney, of Déjà vu Consulting. Déjà vu is an international entertainment business. The airplane was completed at the Jet Works Air Center and fitted with an HF radio, dual Mode S transponders, a Garmin 500 GPS receiver, and veneer cabinets.

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Air brawl grounds Hockey Teams

The National Hockey League regular season has yet to begin, but elbows are flying in an aviation scrap between the U.S. and Canada that threatens to disrupt air-charter arrangements made by many NHL teams. Air Canada last week sued U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, seeking to block his enforcement of an Aug. 11 Transportation Department order that Air Canada to cancel its season-long sports charter contracts. Air Canada’s Jetz charter service currently has contracts with the six Canada-based NHL squads and the Toronto Raptors basketball team. The ruling “is wreaking havoc on the hockey season,” said Air Canada, a unit of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc., in its lawsuit. “The urgency of this matter cannot be minimized.” Air Canada claimed the U.S. position has cost it contracts with three U.S. NHL teams this season, including the Boston Bruins. The Bruins declined to comment. At issue is whether Air Canada is allowed to fly Canadian sports teams between U.S. destinations without first returning to Canada. By law and treaty, foreign airlines can’t pick up passengers when flying between U.S. cities — nor can U.S. airlines in most foreign nations, including Canada. However, the DOT for years has allowed Air Canada to fly sports teams on back-to-back U.S. flights if the teams ultimately would return to Canada. Similarly, U.S. airlines ferrying American teams have been allowed to fly within Canada. But the Air Line Pilots Association union, two U.S. aviation trade groups and a U.S. charter carrier began calling for a penalty last year because Air Canada won DOT-approved contracts to fly two American sports teams, the NHL’s Bruins and the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. The pilots want to assure that U.S. flights are operated by U.S. pilots. In an order to Air Canada’s Washington lawyer, the DOT said the agency found the airline last year carried individuals on Bruins and Bucks charters who were transported within the U.S. and never carried across the border during the season, contrary to the DOT’s agreement with the airline. Canada’s Minister of Transport, John Baird, said in a letter to Mr. LaHood demanding the DOT retract its decision. This Canadian Transportation Agency retaliated by banning flights by U.S. carriers that require multiple stops within Canada. Miami Air International Inc., a U.S. charter carrier that has contracts with 10 NHL teams this season, had to arrange for a Canadian charter to make intra-Canada flights last weekend for the Florida Panthers, rather than carry the NHL team itself, said Ross Fischer, chief executive of Miami Air. Miami Air also had to amend its travel plans last weekend for a major-league baseball client, the Toronto Blue Jays, Mr. Fischer said. Instead of flying the team to Windsor, Ontario, from Toronto, as the team requested, the flight went to Detroit. “We’re scrambling,” Mr. Fischer said. But the situation is worse for Canadian teams because they have more back-to-back games in the U.S., where there are 24 NHL teams. Canadian teams could be forced to return home between each U.S. game, which would be expensive. Bill Daly, deputy commissioner of the NHL, said the league is “concerned with these new interpretations, especially on the eve of the new season when our teams have all made their travel arrangements already.” Air Canada said it hoped a solution could be reached. In its suit, the airline said it has a permit to operate charter service between any points in Canada and the U.S. Because of the treaty between the U.S. and Canada, Air Canada said it can make an unlimited number of U.S. stopovers, which allows the airline to offer charters for sports teams whose schedules require play in both countries. The contract and season itinerary is treated as a single journey with multiple stopovers, the airline said. A hearing on Air Canada’s complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., is scheduled for Tuesday. A DOT spokesman declined to comment, as did a spokesman for Transport Canada. The preseason was to begin Monday; the regular season Oct. 1.

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