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Losses Mount for NetJets in Second Quarter

Fractional aircraft provider NetJets’ second-quarter revenues fell 43 percent year-over-year to $550 million, and for the first half dropped $1.024 billion–or 42 percent–from the same six-month period last year. According to parent company Berkshire Hathaway, NetJets’ declines reflected an 81-percent dive in aircraft sales and a 22-percent reduction in flight operations revenues “primarily due to lower flight revenue hours. NetJets reported pre-tax losses of $253 million for the second quarter and $349 million for the first six months, compared with gains of $192 million and $255 million, respectively, in the same time frames last year. Further, Berkshire said that NetJets owns more airplanes than it requires for its present level of operations “and further downsizing will be required unless demand rebounds. NetJets founder and now former chairman and CEO Richard Santulli left the company last Tuesday, just three days before Berkshire released its second-quarter results.

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Airlines, travelers prepare for more stringent ID rules

 Feds want more info at booking to compare to terrorist watch lists
The Transportation Security Administration wants to know more about who’s boarding commercial flights in the United States.
Beginning Saturday, the federal agency will begin collecting additional data from airline passengers at booking time, including full name, date of birth and gender. That data must match whatever is on the form of government-issued identification — driver’s licenses and passports are the most common — that a passenger uses to check in and board the flight.
The new requirement will affect all airline bookings made beginning Saturday and is just the first phase of a larger program called Secure Flight. That program’s goal is to vet 100 percent of airline passengers through the TSA’s watch lists by next year. TSA’s goal is to vet 100 percent of passengers on all domestic commercial flights by early next year, and all passengers on all international commercial flights by the end of 2010.
The agency, known best for its takeover of the airport security screening process following the Sept. 11 attacks, is touting the program as a better way to keep dangerous travelers from boarding planes, while preventing confusion for passengers with names similar to people on the government’s “No Fly” and “Selectee” lists. Those lists bar some would-be fliers and mark others for “enhanced screenings” at airport security checkpoints.
Extra information helps
Because the government will have access to additional pieces of identifying information, the TSA says it will be better able to distinguish between, for example, a 25-year-old John A. Doe who is OK to fly and a 37-year-old John Z. Doe who is not. In addition to the data required of passengers, fliers who have had difficulty with watch list confusion can include a “redress” number. Those are issued to cleared passengers who have been stopped or delayed before because of similar names or other confusion. “By enhancing and streamlining the watch list matching process, the Secure Flight program makes travel safer and easier for millions of Americans,” Gale Rossides, the TSA’s acting administrator, said in a statement.
The Secure Flight program was born out of a Department of Homeland Security directive issued in 2006 that required the TSA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection to start working together to implement a system to make sure airline passengers have been cleared.
Aside from the additional information collected by the airline, Secure Flight will mean a closer relationship between those airlines serving the United States and the TSA. The new requirements call for passengers to provide the information to airlines when they book flights. The information, in turn, is sent to the Secure Flight system, which matches up names with watch lists, and determines whether the matches are legitimate or errors.Secure Flight then sends information back to the airlines, separating passengers into those who are cleared to fly, those who aren’t and those who will be subjected to enhanced screening. Initially, Secure Flight requires passenger information to match up exactly with what’s on the ID, so if a passenger’s license says “Richard,” for example, a ticket shouldn’t be booked under “Dick.”
Matching up names
“During this phase of the Secure Flight program, passengers are encouraged to book their reservations using their name as it appears on the government-issues ID they will use while traveling,” Rossides said. Most airlines say they’re implementing procedures to help passengers comply with the regulation so they’re not delayed or denied boarding. Airlines have been preparing for the new requirements for months. Delta Air Lines Inc., the world’s largest airline, which operates its second-largest hub at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, will roll out revamped online pages that will allow passengers booking tickets via the Internet to submit the required information beginning Saturday, said company spokeswoman Susan Elliott. Additionally, the airline will allow fee-free name changes on tickets, so names on reservations will match up with the documents passengers use to check in and clear security checkpoints.
By: Nathan Hurst / The Detroit News

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Cessna CEO Jack Pelton: Business jet market is stabilizing

After a monthslong free fall, it feels like the business jet market is starting to stabilize, said Jack Pelton, head of Cessna Aircraft.  “At some point there, we’ll be able to call the bottom,” Pelton, the company’s chairman, president and CEO, said of the drop in the market. “The negatives, like (order) cancellations are slowing down; we’re starting to see orders start to rise again.”  Aircraft deliveries are expected to hit their low next year, which will be followed by a steady climb, he said. “The slope of that rise will be dependent on what the economy does,” he said. Pelton’s boss, meanwhile, said Cessna’s parent company is not interested in selling the Wichita company. “I don’t know where all the rumors come from,” said Scott Donnelly, president and chief operating officer of Textron. “I think I can be clear that no one is interested in any way, shape or form in divesting Cessna out of Textron. It’s a central asset of what Textron is.”

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Embraer Sees Bizjet Growth Returning in 2012

“Only in 2012 will [business jet] deliveries start growing again,” Embraer executive vice president Luis Carlos Affonso said Tuesday in a pre-LABACE press briefing. He recognized 2010 and 2011 as “difficult years” for the business aviation industry, but noted that there are already signs of an upturn and said the company will meet Phenom delivery goals if it can only make them fast enough. The Phenom 100 is Embraer’s first dedicated business jet, and the “natural challenges of the start of production” could impede the ambitious goal of manufacturing 110 of the light jets in its first full year of production this year. If the company can deliver 55 to 60 Phenoms by the end of the third quarter, then Affonso believes this year’s goal can be met. The Phenom 300 is on schedule for certification and deliveries by year-end. Affonso sees year-to-year U.S. charter numbers finally making an uptick after dropping 35 percent, while the less affected European charter market shows stabilization. Additionally, net ownership of fractional jet shares is up, he said. Meanwhile, Affonso said the drop in inventory of younger used jets, which compete with new aircraft sales, is even more accentuated than that in the pre-owned market as a whole.

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Bruce Willis Plans to Build His Own Airport

The superstar actor Bruce Willis has incurred the wrath of local critics over his plans to build his own airport near his ski lodge, the Soldier Mountain resort, in Idaho. The Die Hard star reportedly wants to have the private airport close to the small town of Hailey, where he moved almost 20 years ago. He believes this will stimulate the state’s economy, because it will enable more traffic to come through, most of which would be private jet owners (read: moneyed visitors).
Also, the Sixth Sense star promises “fresh employment opportunities,” should his airport get built.

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Lafayette Regional Airport Evacuated

Lafayette Regional Airport was evacuated for a short time this morning as fumes from a can of animal mace discovered in checked baggage caused burning eyes and respiratory distress.

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Lagging? Here’s the 411

Travelers flyingacross time zones should expect to experience jet lag. The fatigue, upsetstomach and disorientation that occurs is normal, says Dr. Andrea Meredith,assistant professor of physiology at the University of Maryland School ofMedicine.

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The Legacy’s 400 and 500 Progression Continues

Embraer has announced that the Legacy 450 and 500 mid-jet programs are on pace and have completed all phases on schedule, including the joint definition phase that began last July.  This phase involves Embraer engineers and their suppliers, finalizing the product definition and defining methods for meeting certification requirements.  The man-machine interface advisory board validated the planes’ designs and the cockpit design.  The detail and certification phase is next and Embraer begins working with suppliers to detail the systems architecture and aircraft components before releasing drawings for the first cut and prototypes for ground and flight tests.  The test pilots are currently validating the control laws for these jet’s fly-by-wire system via flight simulations.

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Magellan Jets Partners with CharityBuzz

Magellan jets is proud to announce its newest partnership with CharityBuzz, an online charity marketplace that works with the world’s top charities and celebrities.  Charity Buzz believes that nothing is more important than the work non-profits undertake.  Magellan Jets also feels that giving back is important and will continue to work with CharityBuzz.  CharityBuzz ensures successful results through a focus on providing a unique experience to their community of global bidders, effective collaborative marketing and unsurpassed white-glove service.  CharityBuzz events will feature Magellan Jets items including gift certificates with membership benefits!  To learn more about CharityBuzz and view their ongoing auctions, visit their website.  To bid on a Magellan Jets gift certificate, simply enter “Magellan Jets” in the search box on their website.

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Worcester Telegram features Magellan Jets CEO Hebert and President Tivnan

Magellan Jets was mentioned in the featured business people section of the Worcester Telegram.  Joshua Hebert, Magellan Jets Founder and Chief Executive Officer and partner Anthony Tivnan, President of Magellan Jets were featured in Sunday’s paper.  Tivnan being a native of Worcester grabbed the paper’s attention as a good subject for a small blurb.  Magellan Jets has been featured in a number of press releases online lately as well as last month’s Boston Business Journal which featured an expose on the company.

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Air Vehicle: Does Citation X’s speed really make a difference?

“Does the speedof the Citation X really make a material difference? Yes! The Citation X was first delivered in the end of1996 and quickly became NetJet’s best selling aircraft. This is true due to thecombination of cabin comfort, speed, ease or maintenance, operating economicsand dispatch reliability.

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Linear Air Forms Eclipse Support Co-Op

A neighbor of Magellan Jets, Linear Air, has formed a Co-Operative Organziation which will provide support to the 259 Eclipse owners.  The organization plans on buying assets from the liquidation sale to help keep the current fleet in service. The Co-Operative will try to purchase the type certificate, among other items.  Read more about the Co-Operative:

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