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Take Off with Magellan Jets: JetsetFarryn Experiences Flying Done Right

Note: Reposted with permission from the Jetsetter Passport blog.
Ever wondered what it would be like to fly private? Well we’re here to show you. Boston-based Magellan Jets was founded on the premise of taking the hassle out of luxury flying. From their full concierge department to the variety of aircrafts (I’m in love with the Hawker 4000), Magellan is carving a place inside the private jet industry by making flying private without the boys-club membership possible.

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Eat a Bagel…Get Arrested?

Ognjen Milatovic, a professor at the University of North Florida recently boarded a US Airways flight with a bagel and bag in hand, simply minding

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Schwarzenegger Takes Private Jet to Asia

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, (C), shakes hands with Chinese during a visit to a Californian food and beverage Festival at a hypermarket in Hangzhou in east Chinas Zhejiang province 11 September 2010. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is on a weeklong trade mission that will take him to China, Japan and South Korea. EPA/MU CHEN

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Tracking Private Jets isn’t Always Easy!

Photo credit Flickr user Rich Snyder.
Want to be invincible in the sky? Nowadays anyone can track your whereabouts especially while operating in public airspace. The company grants users accessibility to view a wide range of flights and their scheduled routings. When an aircraft is operating in controlled airspace their identification number must be clearly visible on the fuselage. This goes for private flights too! Pilots talking to air traffic control are broadcasting their whereabouts and intentions on public radio frequencies, making it even easier to listen in on the open skies.

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Middle East Sees Huge Increase in Private Jet Orders

An upcoming “Big Boys’ Toys” event that will be held in Abu Dhabi is expected to attract top aviation customers around the world. The four-day show at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre will take place February 2-5, 2011. Big Boys’ Toys comes at the right time as the business jet market is heading towards an incline in the region and UAE . The business jet market is poised for steady growth with orders of more than 200 units expected to be delivered to the region by 2015. Currently, the Middle East region accounts for approximately 6 percent of the global business jets market. Demand for another 400 units is expected in the next eight years as the market continues to grow tremendously. The Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates, has experienced significant demand for private charter flights as business executives continue to travel both to domestic and international destinations. The exhibitors aim to meet the needs of high net worth customers and owners of private jets. The event will offer companies the ideal platform to highlight the latest offerings in services and jet models to the wealthy and top business executives.

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Rising Airline Fees Show Yet Another Reason to Fly Private

AOL Travel reported on their blog on August 13th about the rapidly rising fees for airline travel. Did you know some airlines are now charging you for carry on baggage and at least one airline is now charging more for seats closer to the exit of the aircraft–ostensibly to make the boarding and de-boarding process quicker. At Magellan Jets we know that you don’t want to have to worry about endless fees and charges tacked on after the face. We always quote you all-inclusive pricing so you know up front how much your charter flight will cost. Voyager jet card members take it one step further by including complimentary ground transportation and catering! When you book empty legs with several passengers you can sometimes fly for less than the cost of first class tickets (not even counting bag fees, seat fees, and booking fees!) Live chat with us, call us at 877-550-JETS, or email us at [email protected] for more information!

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Executive Jet Aircraft Follows King James

Lebron James will be making a world-wide appearance on ESPN at 9 o’clock this evening. As the world waits to hear King James make a decision, fans will be anticipating his new arrival wherever he goes. Analysts and sports commentators have been suggesting that Lebron will go to Miami to join superpowers Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. However, the decision still remains an enigma, not knowing where he will ultimately go. New York, Miami, and Chicago are all big name cities in which Lebron may attend. We anticipate seeing clients from Magellan traveling to these various destinations to watch the King play. We know that his decision will have a long lasting affect wherever he goes, impacting the lives of others in the desired region. Tune in at 9 o’ clock to watch Lebron James make a decision, we know here at Magellan Jets, we will also be anticipating his historic free-agency signing.

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