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Executive Jet Aircraft Follows King James

Lebron James will be making a world-wide appearance on ESPN at 9 o’clock this evening. As the world waits to hear King James make a decision, fans will be anticipating his new arrival wherever he goes. Analysts and sports commentators have been suggesting that Lebron will go to Miami to join superpowers Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. However, the decision still remains an enigma, not knowing where he will ultimately go. New York, Miami, and Chicago are all big name cities in which Lebron may attend. We anticipate seeing clients from Magellan traveling to these various destinations to watch the King play. We know that his decision will have a long lasting affect wherever he goes, impacting the lives of others in the desired region. Tune in at 9 o’ clock to watch Lebron James make a decision, we know here at Magellan Jets, we will also be anticipating his historic free-agency signing.

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Jerry Jones Appears on Entourage with his Very Own Private Jet

Anybody catch the latest episode of the hit HBO series, Entourage, last night? If not, you missed a cameo appearance by Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) was in the talks with Mr. Jones to help represent the NFL and their TV rights. Jerry was seen boarding his Private Jet during the episode which sparked some excitement for fans. Jerry is no stranger to private aviation with a net worth way over a billion dollars. Check out his exclusive HBO appearance below:

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Paris Hilton Tweets about Her Luxurious Lifestyle and Private Jet

Living a luxurious lifestyle is one thing, bragging about it is another. Paris Hilton this week has tweeted numerous times about her luxurious lifestyle-flying on private jets and shopping at Channel. She definitely likes to fly in comfort. As you can see below, Paris took pictures of herself reclining in a queen sized bed while on board a private jet. The private jet is a 1979 Boeing 747, approximately $270 million and owned by Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. What you may not know is that Magellan Jets can provide a private jet charter on aircrafts just like that. We pride ourselves on always finding the right jet for your charter, no matter your needs or wishes!

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John Travolta can Park his Private Jet at his Private Home Airport

John Travolta’s Private Jet Airport
John Travolta has been a fan of private aviation for some time. He currently owns a Gulfstream II and Boeing 707 that are both able to taxi right up to two buildings connected to his house. People may have seen Travolta flaunt his private jet on “MTV Cribs” a few years ago. What you may not have known is that his $2.5 million home features a jetway for him to have direct access to his private airliner without even going outside. The 6,400 square foot house is located in Ocala, Florida and is in the exclusive fly-in community of Jumbolair. Of course Magellan can provide any size aircraft, although customers are on their own to get them to the front door!
Check out the link for more information:

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Charter a Jet With Your Pet

Recently, President Obama’s dog, Bo, traveled to Maine on his own private jet. The Obama’s love their dog so much that they wanted to ensure his safety and comfort while traveling to Maine. Pet friendly hotels and vacation rentals have seen growing demand but transporting your pet to your desired destination has caused some trouble and aggravation. If you choose to fly commercial with your pet, the entire process can be extremely traumatic for them. Most commercial airline companies require your animal to stay inside a crate and be placed with the luggage if they exceed a 20lb weight limit. With a private jet charter, your little (or big!) friend can be by your side at all times with no hassle. Pets are able to travel onboard the aircraft while being relaxed, stable, and in complete luxury. Perhaps the biggest bonus to it all is that you know where your pet is at all times. Magellan has had many clients travel with their pets, so we’re pros at the in’s and out’s of the process. We’re always happy to help make the experience exceptional for you and your furry (or feathery or scaley) friend! To Learn More Click Here:

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Peter Jackson’s $68 Million Gulfstream G550

Director Peter Jackson recently acquired a new Gulfstream G550 for an estimated price of $68 million. The private jet is one of the nicest jets on the market and can fly from New Zealand to Los Angeles non-stop. Jackson previously had a Gulfstream IV but was plagued with too many fuel stops, so he decided to trade up. The G550 can accommodate up to 16 passengers. Some of the seats can even be converted to beds, although those may require some pajamas. Jackson is a vintage aircraft collector and owns 29 World War I aircraft, some original and some replicas. Although we don’t charter vintage planes, Magellan Jets does have the capability of accommodating customers who would like large Gulfstream jets just like Mr. Jackson’s, all with the highest levels of safety and comfort and for far less cost than owning your own. Check out the link here

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Kansas City Downtown Completes Projects Worth $70 Million

The Kansas City Aviation Department is nearing completion on a $70 million refurbishment program at Kansas City Downtown Airport. The effort, begun in 2005, includes a $28 million project to raze and resurface both airport runways; $20 million to bulldoze 40 old hangars and replace them with 96 new hangars; $17 million for runway safety projects; and construction of a $1 million general aviation terminal, which includes a pilots’ lounge and large waiting room capable of accommodating up to 66 people, a self-fueling facility, and an outdoor aircraft wash bay.

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Longer Range Legacy 650 Launched

Embraer has announced development of a long-range version of the Legacy 600 super midsize business jet. The Legacy 650 is already flying and is based on the 600 model. A beefed-up airframe and landing gear allow more fuel, and new Rolls Royce AE 3007A2 engines are both more powerful and more efficient. It adds up to a 3,900 nm range with four passengers and a 3,800 nm range with eight passengers. The cabin can hold up to 14 passengers.

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Aviation Takes Lead On Emissions

The global aviation industry and countries around the world are finding more common ground to set goals to battle long-term climate change, the head of the International Air Transport Association said Saturday.

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IG report accuses FAA of inadequate charter oversight

In a report on the on-demand Part 135 charter industry issued last week, the Department of Transportation Inspector General (IG) concluded that the “FAA does not effectively target inspections to higher-risk on-demand operators” nor provide enough inspector oversight of charter operators in comparison with Part 121 airlines. The IG suggests that if Part 135 on-demand and Part 121 regulations were similar, then some notable accidents might not have occurred. While the IG audit notes that “the number of fatalities from on-demand operations makes it imperative that FAA take action to address these issues,” the IG was not able to analyze Part 135 versus 121 accident rates to support its concerns. The IG audit, said the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association, does not place “enough emphasis on the inherently-more-risky 135 environment.”
Much of the flying is done in foul weather, on demanding schedules, in relatively unsophisticated aircraft, with a single-pilot. And according to National Air Transportation Association president Jim Coyne, “The IG largely conducts an apples-and-oranges comparison. Part 121 is very homogenous with regard to the types of aircraft and operations. Part 135 contains every possible mission profile and includes single-engine pistons up to large cabin jets. Of course the requirements are going to be different.”

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Embraer Sees Bizjet Growth Returning in 2012

“Only in 2012 will [business jet] deliveries start growing again,” Embraer executive vice president Luis Carlos Affonso said Tuesday in a pre-LABACE press briefing. He recognized 2010 and 2011 as “difficult years” for the business aviation industry, but noted that there are already signs of an upturn and said the company will meet Phenom delivery goals if it can only make them fast enough. The Phenom 100 is Embraer’s first dedicated business jet, and the “natural challenges of the start of production” could impede the ambitious goal of manufacturing 110 of the light jets in its first full year of production this year. If the company can deliver 55 to 60 Phenoms by the end of the third quarter, then Affonso believes this year’s goal can be met. The Phenom 300 is on schedule for certification and deliveries by year-end. Affonso sees year-to-year U.S. charter numbers finally making an uptick after dropping 35 percent, while the less affected European charter market shows stabilization. Additionally, net ownership of fractional jet shares is up, he said. Meanwhile, Affonso said the drop in inventory of younger used jets, which compete with new aircraft sales, is even more accentuated than that in the pre-owned market as a whole.

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Supersonic Business Jet Inching Closer to Reality

Richard Tracy, founder and chief technology officer of Aerion Corporation, said he “feels pretty good” that the firm will enter into a joint venture to develop a Mach 1.6 supersonic business jet (SSBJ) by the end of 2009, as a result of confidential discussions with potential business aircraft manufacturers. Most technical issues have been resolved, he said, including validation of full-chord laminar flow over most of the aircraft’s wing at speeds up to Mach 2.0 at full-scale Reynolds numbers in the European Transonic Wind Tunnel (ETW) in Cologne in August 2008. The ETW tests support Aerion’s range, speed and fuel consumption predictions, thereby providing reference data to support a second round of scaled wing tests aboard a NASA F-15 at supersonic speeds later this year or early next year. Tracy also is more confident about prospects for the program because of potential consensus between US and European regulatory authorities regarding supersonic flight over land. He said that last year FAA’s Office of Environment and Energy moved towards creating a policy that would permit supersonic flight over land if “it can be deemed to be acceptable” with respect to mitigating sonic boom. Tracy said ICAO already has a policy that allows supersonic flight over land “if there is no unacceptable situation at the surface”. Tracy believes the Aerion SSBJ can meet this requirement by flying its SSBJ at up to Mach 1.1 over land. With a 4,000 nm range at Mach 1.6, the Aerion SSBJ can fly from New York to Paris in 4 hrs 14 min, saving 2 hrs 47 min off the trip time in a G650 cruising at Mach .90, Tracy asserts. He also claims the Aerion SSBJ can fly from New York to Tokyo in 9 hrs 33 min, including a one hour stopover in Anchorage for refueling. That would be 2.5 hours faster than a G650 flying non-stop at Mach .87 between New York and Tokyo, according to Tracy. Speed isn’t the Aerion SSBJ’s only asset. Tracy also said his design has the smallest size, lightest weight and lowest drag of any competing SSBJ concept, thus it has the lowest environment footprint. That, too, should be appealing to a potential joint-venture partner.

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Business Aviation Worried About New Climate Bill

Business aviation advocates are becoming increasingly concerned that a sweeping climate-change bill that has the potential to shape the future of aviation operations continues to progress through Capitol Hill with few details on how it might impact the aviation industry.

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NBAA Welcomes Proposal to Create LASP Rulemaking Committee

The National Business Aviation Administraion (NBAA) recently welcomed a congressional proposal that would require the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to work more closely with the general aviation industry on its controversial proposed Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) and other security initiatives. Representative Charlie Dent (R-15-PA) introduced legislation that would require TSA to create a rulemaking committee with general aviation (GA) industry stakeholders when developing security measures for the industry. H.R. 3093 was cosponsored by eight other House members. “This legislation shows that Congress understands that we can accomplish more good if we work together rather than separately,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. In the time since the TSA introduced the LASP last October, Bolen has repeatedly called for a rulemaking committee like the one envisioned in the legislation introduced today. “The business aviation community has a long and demonstrated history of partnership with government in developing effective yet workable security measures for the industry,” Bolen added. “A rulemaking committee, like the one proposed by Rep. Dent and others, would provide a consistent forum for stakeholder information sharing and the development of measures that enhance security while recognizing the need for mobility and flexibility.” More than 7,000 comments were submitted to the TSA in February regarding the LASP proposal. Almost all of the comments suggested that the proposed changes would be onerous to the thousands of businesses that rely on GA aircraft. -NBAA

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Prices Dropping, but Used Bizjet Inventory Stabilizing

According to JP Morgan Global Equity Research’s latest Business Jet Monthly report, June used business jet inventories remained stable at 14.4 percent of the active fleet, “a further sign of stabilization at this very high level.” Used inventories of Cessna, Embraer and Hawker Beechcraft jets decreased, according to the report, “while other OEMs saw inventories rise.” Of the 23 aircraft models tracked by JP Morgan, 12 had higher inventories, 10 were lower and one was flat. Although used inventories appear to have peaked, average asking prices dropped 2.8 percent in June, the report noted, “decreasing for the seventh straight month. We expect prices to continue falling to bring the used market toward equilibrium, though this could take some time.” Monthly takeoffs and landings in the U.S. “appear to have stabilized” around the 280,000 range, “off a low of 264,000 in February.” The latest results, for the month of May, show year-to-year flight operations 27 percent lower, “the twelfth straight double-digit decline and the seventh decline of more than 20 percent. Flight ops are down 28 percent year-to-date.”

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Lafayette Regional Airport Evacuated

Lafayette Regional Airport was evacuated for a short time this morning as fumes from a can of animal mace discovered in checked baggage caused burning eyes and respiratory distress.

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United Jumps on the Twitter Wagon

United Airlines is the latest airline to become a part of the Twitter trend and is introducing special fares through Tweets. United calls these new promotions “Twares” or Twitter only fares. The formal launch of such rates began on May 21st. Today United announced 20% off fares to Switzerland for the companies followers with a promotional code for the discount. Twitter is slowly but surely taking over the world!

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Falcon 2000LX Approved, Good News for All Except Fuel Companies

Dassault Falcon Jet announced that the Falcon 2000LX has been EASA and FAA approved. The officials claim that the Falcon 2000LX is the most fuel efficient aircraft in the large cabin class. This unique aircraft burns up to 60 percent less fuel than some competitive aircraft with a corresponding reduction in carbon footprint. The energy efficient plane has improved climbing time and better range performance at high speeds. The LX is said to burn about 800 pounds less fuel then the EX before it. Truly bad news for the fuel companies, but great news for brokers and charter customers!

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Private Aviation Flight Activity Picking Up

According to ARG/US, business flight activity increased 28.55 percent last month from January. These numbers could be early indicators that the private aviation sector is starting to recover. The data includes all turbine business aircraft on IFR flight plans. The company also indicates that total flight activity has declined 18.51 percent over the last 12 months. In the fractional market, flight activity was down 28.1 percent, while FAR Part 135 flight activity dropped 46.7 percent.

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