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Sourcing team

The Sourcing team is responsible for assigning aircraft within Magellan Jets Preferred Network (MJPN) to jet card ownership and membership flight segments, as well as on-demand charter customers. This group monitors real-time availability, trends, aircraft quality, and consistency within the charter market. Having a team dedicated to aircraft fulfillment with the highest quality aircraft equips you with your own personal flight department without the overhead.

Challenger 350 Interior


Every jet card owner and member has a unique profile on their account which outlines their primary  aircraft, likes/dislikes, and any special preferences. The Sourcing department works very closely with our network of pre-approved operators (the Magellan Jets Preferred Network), and ensures that tail numbers are assigned to each flight to match the member’s profile and flight needs. We work to continually add value in all aspects of your jet card or membership program The Sourcing department is staffed 24/7, which aids in a speedy recovery should a mechanical issue arise on a jet card owner or member’s flight. Your time is valuable, and having professionals that specialize in aircraft fulfillment truly helps maximize that asset.

Challenger 300 in flight


When using our on-demand charter service, customers have peace of mind knowing that the safety, quality, and consistency our jet card owners and members expect is still available by having access to the MJPN. Your Private Aviation Consultant works with the Sourcing team to communicate your needs, and real time availability is provided quickly based on your requirements. Customers who prefer booking trip by trip have an advantage working with Magellan Jets and the resources of experts behind each flight request.

There are many aircraft and companies to choose from. Knowing which hold the highest standards in safety, service, and operations based on your trip and unique needs is simplified by the Sourcing team. Your time is too valuable to leave it anyone but the best.

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