The next evolution of the corporate Jet Card: Magellan Business

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Make arranging your next trip seamless. Created exclusively for jet card owners, pay-as-you-go members, and on-demand charter guests, use your app to:

If you’ve flown with us before…

Good news! Your account is already activated. Simply follow the steps below to begin downloading to your iOS mobile device from Apple’s App Store. Once logged in, you can instantly start using the app to build your next trip.

  1. 1. Download to your Apple device.
  2. 2. Click “forgot password.” A temporary password will be sent to your email that you can use to log in. You can then change your password and update your profile.
  3. 3. Start building your trip.

If you’re new to the Magellan Jets experience…

Created exclusively for Magellan Jets guests, the app utilizes a secure, closed system that’s only accessible to jet card owners, members and charter clients. Call today to activate your account and start building your next purely private experience.


The app is exclusively available for jet card owners, members and on-demand charter guests who have flown with Magellan Jets.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store by using the following link:

You can book your flights through the app.

If you are already 

Magellan Jets

Download the app

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The only Build-a-Card in the industry –
ultimate flexibility and consistency.


Guaranteed fixed rates and availability, while paying as you go.


Access the safest and highest quality aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis.