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Magellan Jets is proud to team up with terrapass, making green travel a reality for our clients. As the first to invest in understanding emissions on an aircraft-specific basis, terrapass is undeniably the industry leader on carbon offsetting solutions. In addition to offsetting 100% of company operations, Magellan Jets now offers carbon offsetting options on all charter flights, memberships and jet cards.

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About Carbon Offsetting

Purchasing carbon credits is an increasingly popular solution for greenhouse gas emissions from traveling. Read our green travel guide and learn about carbon offsetting as well as the environmental projects they support.

Be a part of the future

Through terrapass, we offer carbon offsetting options for purchase on all charter flights. Meanwhile, our Jet Card Ownership and Premium Membership programs include complimentary carbon offsets, while our Membership program has carbon offsetting options available for purchase as well. Additionally, customers can also offset their travel arrangements with other companies.

Green Travel Guide

We’ve developed a guide for private travelers interested in green initiatives. In addition to the basics, discover how carbon offsetting works and ways to reduce your footprint.

About Terrapass

As a leader in the carbon offsetting industry, terrapass is one of the only third-party audited and certified offset companies in the U.S. Altogether, the company helps businesses, and individuals make a positive impact on the environment. Overall, terrapass uses carbon credits to directly fund reputable renewable energy and greenhouse gas projects, such as wind power and landfill gas capture initiatives. As a result, projects through terrapass have reduced greenhouse gases in the atmosphere equivalent to billions of pounds of carbon dioxide since 2004. 


Magellan Jets is a private aviation solution provider built on integrity, reliability, and trust. Since its founding in 2008, Magellan Jets’ innovative model offers jet card ownership, membership and on-demand charter services. Above all, these are designed to provide the freedom and exceptional personalized service that private travelers expect. Additionally, Magellan Jets and its FAA-licensed Flight Support team ensure that every detail is tailored to exceed expectations. Most important, we combine safety, security, and an uncompromising focus on hospitality with the most exclusive network of aircraft. To put it another way, we make the private aviation experience the way it should be—purely private.

Purely Private Solutions

Explore Magellan Jets' portfolio of jet card ownership, membership and on-demand charter services.

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Carbon Offsetting 101

In general, going green can get complicated. However, we’ve made it easy to learn all about offsetting with carbon credits. In particular, check out our complete guide to offsetting basics.

How do carbon offsets work?

As carbon offsetting goes mainstream, you might want to look closer at the projects they support. While you research, learn how offsets really works.  

Green Travel


As technology advances, new innovations help travelers reduce their carbon footprint. With this in mind, we’ve assembled a list of easy ways you can make a positive impact.

The Magellan Jets Memberships are programs of Magellan Jets, LLC (Magellan Jets®). Magellan Jets (the Air Charter Broker) acting as an “Authorized Agent” for the Member (Charterer) shall; maintain non-owned aircraft liability insurance, and personal injury coverage, contract for transportation services with only FAR Part 135 Direct Air Carriers or their foreign Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) equivalent that operate and exercise full operational control over those flights at all times. Flights will be sourced through a proprietary “Magellan Jets Preferred Network” of Direct Air Carriers that meet all FAA or CAA safety standards and additional safety standards established by Magellan Jets.

Jet Card

The only Build-a-Card in the industry –
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Guaranteed fixed rates and availability, while paying as you go.


Access the safest and highest quality aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis.

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For a limited time only, receive 7.5% Federal Excise Tax exemption when you invest in private aviation between now and Dec 31, 2020, per the 2020 US CARES Act.