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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a G450 Jet Card

Private aviation, especially in the form of a jet card, is often the next right step for businesses that spend a lot of time in the air. Private aircraft owners may be good candidates for a jet membership if they often have different needs than what their existing aircraft offers. Corporations that need to fly executives with total control and the utmost in privacy, especially in large groups, could be good candidates for jet membership, too. Enter Gulfstream 450 and the Gulfstream G450 jet card as an efficient way to supplement your business travel needs. Learn more about why a G450 Jet Card is right for your business.

5 Reasons G450 Jet Card Makes Sense for Your Business

1. Jet memberships provide more freedom and flexibility.

Businesses occasionally have a need outside what their existing aircraft can support, which is when a jet membership can be the ideal solution to supplement travel. In this case, referred to as a supplemental lift, jet membership can be right even for owners. Our jet card program is equipped with all-inclusive rates that set your goals and business travel needs as top priority. It allows travel even on high-volume days.

2. Flying private increases productivity time.

As the saying goes, time is money. And for many travelers, time is one of the most valuable assets in the portfolio. At Magellan Jets, we like to consider private flights a “conference room in the sky.” G450 jet memberships are a hassle-free way to fly private in that they grant travelers a set number of hours and provide a comfortable, convenient space for getting more done, even during transit time. National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) reports that businesses experience 80% more productivity per work week when executives travel on their business aircraft vs 30% when they fly commercially.

3. The G450 seats up to 12.

Flying a large group? We guarantee up to 12 passengers on the Gulfstream G450, so everyone on your team-or in your family-can fly together. Whether you need to hold a meeting in the sky or fly many travelers at once, the G450 aircraft may be the ideal solution. There is plenty of space to spread out, fly in comfort, and even sleep on long-haul flights. Arrive feeling rested and ready for whatever is next.

4. Jet travelers experience total privacy.

Flying private is ideal for those who need to tackle negotiations, discuss financials, converse about sensitive topics, or otherwise require privacy while conducting business travel. Flying first class on a commercial flight does not grant the luxury of total privacy in the air, which is why many business travelers opt to fly private when handling business matters. On a private flight, privacy is respected and granted without question. Gulfstream G450 jet memberships are ideal for travelers who need to conduct business even between meetings.

5. You can fly further and more comfortably.

The Gulfstream G450 is supremely comfortable. The jet has long-range capabilities so you can get where you’re going faster and more efficiently. With a maximum range of 4,350 nautical miles, this aircraft is right for even the most faraway of business trips. The jet pumps 100% oxygen throughout the cabin, meaning you land feeling more alert than on other flights, and the panoramic windows provide more natural light to make the adjustment easier. In addition, advanced sound suppression technology makes for a quieter and more peaceful cabin.

Reserve your complimentary consultation today to explore whether Gulfstream G450 jet card might be a good fit for your business needs.

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